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Update CM2015 Readme


I. Deliverable
II. Requirement
III. Installation Instructions
IV. List of fixes in this Update

I. Deliverable

This update is delivered in a multi-languages EXE file with an html readme file.
It can be identified in the user interface of the setup by a SetupID value equal to 1912.

II. Requirement

ControlMaestro 2015 must be installed.

III. Installation Instructions

1) Close your ControlMaestro 2015 application

2) Launch the installer by double clicking on Update_CM_15_0_16_3.exe and follow the instructions

3) Restart your ControlMaestro 2015 application

Silent installation:
A silent installation without displaying wizard or the background can be performed using the option on the command line. This silent mode only displays the installation progress window.

Command line usage: Update_CM_15_0_16_3.exe /SILENT

IV. List of fixes in this Update

[CM-6262] - When a high level of zoom is used the image is not well saved

[CM-6621] - Polish translation missing

[CM-6652] - Java applet communication is broken after a few login

[CM-6707] - Delete an alarmcounter tag is not working

[CM-6734] - When selecting multiple tags record and sample rate can't be changed

[CM-6808] - French translation missing in image module

[CM-6820] - Station ID shown in EluManager is wrong

[CM-6825] - Trigger on group object doesn't work on a defined layer

[CM-6826] - Report problem if start and end date is the same

[CM-6837] - Increase the FastAction memory size limit

[CM-6853] - CM icon is not shown in the Windows Task Bar when CM closes

[CM-6936] - Drum animation doesn't work for bit #32 value 1 in web

[CM-6943] - Update the help file regarding the master/backup force tag

[CM-6972] - Text not translated in French version concerning cm2pack

[CM-7047] - crash related to OPC

[CM-7111] - load/close image fastaction association don't work on web desktop

[CM-7115] - Some history files are not correctly converted to SQL (VfiDataImporter)

[CM-7232] - Not possible to rebuild clusters if a distant tag is used in it

[CM-7539] - SQL Administration tools' minor display problem

[CM-7554] - Error message window of ILS importing has few problems

[CM-7569] - Charts: when the X-axis is a tag, low and high limits are not shown

[CM-7570] - Can't save the color pal file

[CM-7578] - crashlog to analyse

[CM-7592] - Cannot connect to SQL due to corrumpt password

[CM-7626] - Tag SQL history split fail

[CM-7639] - Auto-backup function of SQL is broken

[CM-7642] - xml file is no longer read by chart in studio

[CM-7644] - column names of the event summary profiles are different/wrong compared to the eventsummary window

[CM-7645] - After reimporting the ILS file, few things are lost

[CM-7649] - Crashlog to analyze

[CM-7656] - Event summary Web sorting is inverted

[CM-7661] - BACnet Event Summary wrong after cold restart

[CM-7662] - Fast action: LockTag is not working in migrated project in German nPO

[CM-7664] - DRUM bit 31 on Web

[CM-7666] - The web event summary is not using the studio's sorting parameter

[CM-7671] - Tags with IDs < 55 missing from VfiTagRef table

[CM-7676] - Image missed tag is not showing

[CM-7680] - VfiDataImporter try to find a database which has just been renamed

[CM-7681] - VFIDataImporter split a new database every 10 days

[CM-7682] - Crash if we click on "change" in macro when no macro was defined

[CM-7704] - When a tag is not historised, the chart still tries to load history

[CM-7706] - On EWP's Event Viewer, event summaries does not open

[CM-7709] - Decimal symbol problem in graphics

[CM-7710] - VFIdataImporter need to ignore corrupted history files while importing

[CM-7712] - Non-acknowledged alarms on history mode have already "Ack station"

[CM-7714] - Some caracter was recognized by alarm definition for setting but not for export

[CM-7717] - Non ended alarm shows ended at 01/01/1970 on web and cannot be force-ended

[CM-7722] - After migrating to CM2015 charts does not load

[CM-7729] - Alarm "tag and alarm data was modified" rise even no change was done in AppData

[CM-7740] - Event Summary Profile's sorting parameter is not applied from the studio

[CM-7741] - Event Summary Profile's sorting parameter is not applied to the web

[CM-7757] - In Master-Backup structure, some alarms stay after "ack all" action

[CM-7758] - Master and Viewer, same image, but alarm objects don't have the same reaction

[CM-7767] - VPISOM incomplete stream received from device cause crash

[CM-7769] - nPo not able to read data from a splitted database

[CM-7770] - crash when adding special days in the user Timetable

[CM-7772] - Tag context is not working in Fast action Set Tag Value

[CM-7779] - While importing ILS, tag_name.StateText is lost if tag not exist

[CM-7780] - VFIBackup emptied but data was not insert into SQL

[CM-7821] - When parameter IMG_SAVE_WEB_FILE=NO is used, the Web images are not saved

[CM-7824] - Client's alarm object list does not show all alarm families at first click

[CM-7829] - German version's Tag Lock Value window's translation not done

[CM-7830] - German version's Multi-tags window's translation not done

[CM-7843] - Chart Y axis display problem when X axis is a tag.

[CM-7847] - Alarm disapear from client station when server station is shut down

[CM-7848] - alarm appears twice

[CM-7852] - Tag's lower limit and upper limit is not applied in object property

[CM-7865] - Crash when the string in "Single tag" is too long

[CM-7867] - Decimal symbol problem in graphics

[CM-7985] - Event summary profile in english instead of german

V. List of fixes from previous updates

CM-6803 (Update 15): Bacnet Object Box : Properties are not displayed when low limit from Analog Input is NAN

CM-6854 (Update 15): WebScheduler doesn't execute weekly task on Sunday after Daylight Saving Time

CM-6864 (Update 15): Event summary profile : some text are cut from the list in the display tab

CM-7000 (Update 15): ldap password expiration system alarm popup still occurs even while dis-activated

CM-7032 (Update 15): Legacy wrong formatted historical values #INF, from bacnet PLC, provoque errors when vfidataimporter.exe is executed

CM-7091 (Update 15): crash log occurred when patch5.1 was installed

CM-7097 (Update 15): List Viewer is slow

CM-7105 (Update 15): event summary alarms acknowledge counter from windows bar title could be changed and be more precise

CM-7108 (Update 15): connection to RAM OPC server

CM-7145 (Update 15): In Event Summary, sorting by column doesn't work well

CM-7196 (Update 15): Alarms troubles with CM2015 update 13

CM-7210 (Update 15): Compress Data Make Initial Value lost

CM-7215 (Update 15): Fast Action SetTagValue : Not working with this syntax

CM-7237 (Update 15): User Time Table: problem when adding an hour for a team

CM-7344 (Update 15): new charts are not opening in web

CM-7479 (Update 15): web :alarm end is not written until the page is refreshed

CM-7501 (Update 15): ControlMaestro is not starting if the connexion with the central database failed.

CM-7522 (Update 15): List Viewer: problem with BACNet control tags I.xxx

CM-7545 (Update 15): When saving an image as ILS, Web images (.RCIZ files) must be not saved

CM-7546 (Update 15): CM must not generate automatically LANG0000 files (big) if the module is not used

CM-7547 (Update 15): Wish: centralise the text from the chart's databox

CM-7549 (Update 15): Web image cannot enter negative number for Unsigned16 tag

CM-7564 (Update 15): Wish to display the history in chart in live mode

CM-7571 (Update 15): List Viewer stops reloading after a failed connection

CM-7581 (Update 15): Fast action not working in a specific order.

CM-7586 (Update 15): The alarm list is not updated with the GetEventInformation telegram from BACnet

CM-7601 (Update 15): Previous zone doesn't work in Web

CM-7604 (Update 15): Web image cannot manage inversed tag conversion

CM-7353 (Update 14): After changing to summer time Retain values are not working

CM-7266 (Update 14): can't write alarm history

CM-7256 (Update 14): FU Berlin crashes since HF13

CM-7200 (Update 14): Network communication problem

CM-7199 (Update 14): Charts cannot read data some times

CM-7163 (Update 14): Crash since update to CM2015 pp13

CM-7162 (Update 14): Wizpro.dll was changed and addons are not working anymore

CM-7107 (Update 14): Image toolbar cannot be hidden

CM-7098 (Update 14): Bug in CM.h: CMVfiReadEx does not go to next value with tag filter.

CM-7093 (Update 14): In German CM the Events Summary's right-click menu is in English

CM-7088 (Update 14): month filter from EWP event viewer don't work when used overlapped between 2 years

CM-7079 (Update 14): 'Invalid hook' error trace occurs in advanced trace mode for each module call (chart, anl) of SQL tag history

CM-7063 (Update 14): online alarms don't show up at startup on webdesktop

CM-7062 (Update 14): Translation problem in the event summary (right click)

CM-7055 (Update 14): Cluster definition gets corrupted

CM-7053 (Update 14): VfiAlarm_0_xxxxxx.mdf type sql split causes history event summary to fail

CM-7049 (Update 14): VFIbackup cannot be reimported to SQL databases

CM-7041 (Update 14): Collapse alarm and BACnetDriver user

CM-7022 (Update 14): Alarm history SQL Server split failing

CM-7020 (Update 14): CMVfiReadEx API don't work as long as ado_vfi.dll and Vfisql_Wrapper.dll are not copied in addon exe folder.

CM-7013 (Update 14): strictly online trend having irrelevant access to history vfi

CM-7012 (Update 14): russian cyrillic alarms line printing only produces question marks on printer

CM-6988 (Update 14): it crashes at shutdown

CM-6982 (Update 14): BACnet alarms are ended normally but "Force End" is checked in the event summary

CM-6971 (Update 14): Not possible to reset a BACnet priority

CM-6928 (Update 14): Crashlog to analyze

CM-6872 (Update 14): VFIBackup cannot be imported in the historical database

CM-6866 (Update 14): ControlMaestro crash to analyze

CM-6814 (Update 14): Not record past or future timestamp in SQL database

CM-6801 (Update 14): Image : Cluster cannot be drag and drop above the cluster windows

CM-6629 (Update 14): CrashLog : application crash several times if create some new users using Central User Management

ECR 7364 (Update 13): Hidden image toolbar appear after switching user

ECR 7362 (Update 13): WebDesktop froze after several navigation

ECR 7356 (Update 13): CM studio legacy history data SQL import don't work

ECR 7354 (Update 13): German installation: after installation of Update 12 the Event Summary menu is in English

ECR 7352 (Update 13): Lock Tag is not working well

ECR 7343 (Update 13): Import old hisotry data does not work correctly from CMImport Tool

ECR 7326 (Update 13): modifying button text do not give default focus on total text

ECR 7281 (Update 13): EcosFlex : After loading project in station and restarting nPO some axis are excluded from their group when creating a new one

ECR 7276 (Update 13): Database name case checking for VFISQL configuration

ECR 7207 (Update 13): Split is not working when importing old hisotry data (

ECR 7109 (Update 13): History SQL request on 'master' database for sql product edition are done cyclically as often as maintenance request on applicative database

ECR 7333 (Update 12): Loading trends id slow

ECR 7324 (Update 11): #Exception execSP message appears while crashing

ECR 7310 (Update 11): master backup switch cancels certain shared history former alarms.

ECR 7301 (Update 11): Crashlog Imerys

ECR 7297 (Update 11): alarm text with float tag value from 0 to 1 is not shown like singletag or image display, it uses exponent

ECR 7275 (Update 11): Related alarm : Enable/disable deviation alarm boxes is incorrect

ECR 7273 (Update 10): desktop.html image navigation is slow on distant IE11 client

ECR 7271 (Update 10): LRM.dat is corrupted when there are distant alarms

ECR 7260 (Update 10): Right click (BACnet) in images is not working when station name is specified

ECR 7259 (Update 10): After migration, web trends are not working because searching file with wrong extension (XML)

ECR 7258 (Update 10): Bacnet : Wrong user and comment when a bacnet alarm is acknowledged (multiple online alarms from the same object)

ECR 7243 (Update 10): VFISQL : Alarms are not recorded in SQL database since update 9

ECR 7239 (Update 10): "Clear Context " is changed to "No change to context" during migration from CM2010 to 2017

ECR 7233 (Update 10): Synchronisation issue on the station with overwrite local database option

ECR 7194 (Update 10): Crash using STP driver

ECR 7190 (Update 11): Alarms appear in the wrong event summary on the web

ECR 7188 (Update 11): Connection to the audit trail fails but actions are written to the database

ECR 7185 (Update 11): Pop-up minimum size doesn't make sense on 4K resolution

ECR 7184 (Update 10): vfisql database don't shift back from temporary single user to multiuser mode while ongoing split

ECR 7182 (Update 10): crash at startup

ECR 7179 (Update 11): help button of fast action trigger does not work

ECR 7178 (Update 10): font properties from image font style are corrupted

ECR 7177 (Update 10): web scheduler task fastaction request computer name field has limitation of 15 charaters

ECR 7176 (Update 9): studio image trigger mode wrongly turns on automatically when applying font to several objects

ECR 7174 (Update 9): ID from online alarms (in lrm.dat) is changing after restarting the application

ECR 7170 (Update 10): crashes when editing cluster

ECR 7169 (Update 10): crash

ECR 7165 (Update 11): The date assigned is the day before on the web

ECR 7163 (Update 9): crash related to CMreport

ECR 7157 (Update 9): Bacnet : alarm are not correclty loaded after restart

ECR 7155 (Update 9): Bacnet : Alarm comments can not be written or read in web

ECR 7154 (Update 9): Special days can't be assigned in web scheduler

ECR 7151 (Update 9): Colors for alarms are not applied in web event summary

ECR 7149 (Update 9): langage compiler permits to use @SYS_xxx instaed of $xxx system tags but it corrupts wilgttbl file in case of network tags presence

ECR 7146 (Update 9): Audit trail : Tag filters from audit trail profiles are not applied on actions which has no tag name

ECR 7138 (Update 9): Tag name information is not registred in Audit Trail when change tag value come from the bacnet object box

ECR 7134 (Update 10): default focus on text is lost when button is modified

ECR 7133 (Update 10): Project crash at startup when OPC driver try to connect to an OPC Server wich is unavailable

ECR 7132 (Update 10): 1-@ formula does not work in web

ECR 7131 (Update 10): Crash one or twice a day since update 7 installation

ECR 7125 (Update 10): Web : Java login failed

ECR 7123 (Update 10): trend closing cross system icon minimize and hide trend windows while asking to save windows.

ECR 7118 (Update 9): Empty line in Event summary profile

ECR 7113 (Update 9): cmopcae don't evaluate OPC AE server online alarms

ECR 7110 (Update 9): use of dsn in default root folder and other dsn in specific folder corrupts history event summaries

ECR 7108 (Update 8): The columns displayed in the web popup are different from the local popup

ECR 7107 (Update 9): it crashes with one mrp driver

ECR 7105 (Update 9): sseverity and zones text and background color from web event summary are different from application event summary

ECR 7103 (Update 10): AAM stop sending mail and Control Maestro studio freeze after a few days

ECR 7092 (Update 9): sql user management with files from installation folder produce cmum error logs

ECR 7087 (Update 8): STP driver try to connect to an undefined PLC

ECR 7083 (Update 10): Images folder lenght limit for animated GIF files

ECR 7079 (Update 10): adding new device fromm bcn console needs CM to restart to get COV notifications

ECR 7077 (Update 8): Trigger turns on in several cases

ECR 7074 (Update 9): Opening an image it's very slow if VFISQL settings are not OK (like when SQL database is not attached)

ECR 7073 (Update 9): Event Viewer : Filtering period for alarms should also be possible for online alarms

ECR 7072 (Update 10): HTML Template automatic print : some reports cannot be printed when launching several automatic print with language every 5 min

ECR 7071 (Update 8): In Block Definition of Communication Drivers module some texts are wrong translated

ECR 7068 (Update 10): Network application update : updating only one image is not working in projects with a lot of images

ECR 7066 (Update 10): Bacnet : crash at CM startup when reading Trendlogs

ECR 7065 (Update 9): Crash of CM using CM OPC client

ECR 7063 (Update 8): Image turns in trigger mode in several cases

ECR 7062 (Update 8): STP driver is missing from EluManager

ECR 7059 (Update 8): CM crashes when driver are not define correctly

ECR 7058 (Update 8): CMSQL crash when starting

ECR 7057 (Update 8): crash when adding a PLC in BACnet configurator console

ECR 7056 (Update 9): export to csv menu from history viewer html template published html is wrong

ECR 7047 (Update 10): htmltemplate print macros can't access to template files from parameter settings

ECR 7043 (Update 11): web server crashes

ECR 7035 (Update 10): Web : Web popup cannot be acknowledge when a change value dialog box is open behind it

ECR 7033 (Update 10): Web : unauthorized user with internal tag can launch fast action

ECR 7030 (Update 10): Crash every weel after sending AAM alarms

ECR 7029 (Update 7): Network application update : Updating only one image is not possible

ECR 7026 (Update 8): After ILS export/import, the text alignment is not correct

ECR 7025 (Update 7): crash when importing from LDAP

ECR 7020 (Update 8): SQL management 10 minutes bunch of requests are duplicated on master/station architecture with shared tag SQL history

ECR 7019 (Update 10): Old PCSLIB version on ControlMaestro 2015 Update 6

ECR 7018 (Update 10): OPC driver : tag value is converted when writing on the server

ECR 7017 (Update 10): Bacnet alarms with help file are not displayed in Control Maestro when triggered with Windows Server 2012

ECR 7016 (Update 7): on a seperate CM webserver station, inhibition of network alarm from event summary don't work on web.

ECR 7014 (Update 10): if tag.0006 scan rate property is request by CM OPCDA driver, it writes lines in errors.dat as often as scan rate.

ECR 7013 (Update 10): Bacnet Object Box : Properties from remote bacnet object are not displayed in bacnet object box

ECR 7012 (Update 10): List Viewer : Station name is not taken in account when calling history viewer

ECR 7011 (Update 7): AAM users timetable corrupts and can't be saved when changing UTC PC time zone

ECR 7007 (Update 10): Exporting and impporting tags doesn't retain tag related alarms

ECR 7006 (Update 7): javaw and CMcoreExtensions memory leak

ECR 7003 (Update 7): User is not authorized on triggers on the master when the backup is active

ECR 7002 (Update 7): trend databox do not show latest online point value

ECR 6999 (Update 8): BACnet Trendlogs transfer can’t start because already running

ECR 6996 (Update 10): Audit Trail : "Change password" action is not written in audit trail for ldap users

ECR 6995 (Update 10): HTML Template : Audit Trail cannot be printed

ECR 6993 (Update 7): inhibition tags are changed after a compression if tags were deleted

ECR 6992 (Update 7): CMTagImport is not working with Buffers

ECR 6990 (Update 9): possibility to change the default weight in the event summary profile

ECR 6989 (Update 7): on master/backup with AE server/CMAE client, online alarms duplicate when master stops and start again

ECR 6987 (Update 7): cluster name longer than 15 characters are truncated to 15 char when using ILS export/import of image

ECR 6986 (Update 10): when lines number limit from java applet in html files from html template publishhtmlfileautoprint macro is reached, autoprint process is stopped

ECR 6985 (Update 10): direct string tag filter (from - to) from rch history viewer is reset when using html templates macros publishhtmlfile or publishhtmlfileautoprint

ECR 6984 (Update 7): image switches automatically in operation mode if mouse object multiselection for deleting is ised.

ECR 6982 (Update 7): Two different format are used for SDEA Browser file

ECR 6978 (Update 7): Web : "point" character is not accepted in alarm field filter for event summary

ECR 6977 (Update 7): Java certificate expires end of August

ECR 6976 (Update 7): German Translation

ECR 6975 (Update 10): Refresh alarm option in BCC should be deleted

ECR 6974 (Update 10): Event Viewer : Relative time does not work for alarm displaying

ECR 6972 (Update 7): Hima Logline dongle

ECR 6971 (Update 7): When editing alarm objects, alarm filters can't be chosen and a previously selected family is lost

ECR 6970 (Update 10): Dordrecht long image loading

ECR 6969 (Update 10): webscheduler can't show task shedules

ECR 6968 (Update 7): Have a print Event summary (like PrintChart)

ECR 6967 (Update 7): remote application update do not work well

ECR 6966 (Update 10): audit password iinto apptune.dat s not encrypted

ECR 6964 (Update 10): Audit Trail Login are not encrypted in Apptune

ECR 6963 (Update 7): The application crash when editing tag context

ECR 6962 (Update 10): Alarm "VFI Error" is ended after 30s even if nPO still not connected to SQL database

ECR 6961 (Update 7): SQL management manual backup requires folder path without no blank caracter

ECR 6960 (Update 7): SQL server ODBC driver always takes over SQL native driver in SQL autentification mode

ECR 6958 (Update 10): CM does not start when using a dongle without internet connection

ECR 6957 (Update 7): Central User Management : user added locally is added to the central SQL database

ECR 6954 (Update 6): Crash Sileno after patch 5

ECR 6953 (Update 10): latest bacnet driver fails in communication error as soon as one tag adress is wrong and sampled

ECR 6952 (Update 10): LDAP : Message "offline mode" not available in web

ECR 6951 (Update 10): Possible to login with old and new password for some minutes after changin user password in ldap

ECR 6949 (Update 10): CM2015 patch 5: image turns to trigger mode

ECR 6946 (Update 9): Bacnet COV subscription stops after a while

ECR 6942 (Update 6): SYS_MEMUSED stay at 0

ECR 6941 (Update 7): Bacnet : Crash after scanning johnson stations

ECR 6940 (Update 6): Data historian failure after wrong value written in vfibackup.dat

ECR 6938 (Update 7): Loading image takes a long time

ECR 6937 (Update 10): LDAP Password change : Error message even if the password is well changed in nPO and in LDAP

ECR 6936 (Update 6): Import of tags history data from VFIFST to VFISQL is truncated (records are missing)

ECR 6934 (Update 5): CM needs more than one hour to load the studio when there is a lot of images

ECR 6926 (Update 7): VFISQL : Database split is not already done correctly

ECR 6925 (Update 10): Intserver messages in errors.dat when opening chart

ECR 6924 (Update 5): Webscheduler : the user number is limited to 254.

ECR 6923 (Update 7): image is not refreshed on view station when master is shut down and restarted, until the image is closed and reopened

ECR 6921 (Update 5): Impossible to open trend and event summaries on web

ECR 6919 (Update 5): Web : web navigation is slow from a remote web client

ECR 6915 (Update 6): User management : Message Box "password has expired" does not display in web

ECR 6914 (Update 5): Empty object property selector

ECR 6912 (Update 10): Can't save the color pal file

ECR 6910 (Update 4): Export/import is not working if the text alarm description for associated alarm is not the default one

ECR 6907 (Update 6): ControlMaestro crashes when opening system security settings

ECR 6905 (Update 10): Japanese character are displayed wrong in web

ECR 6901 (Update 7): CM image go in background after event summary or bacnet object box window is opened from this image and then closed

ECR 6899 (Update 7): driver don't reconnect after network disconnexion

ECR 6898 (Update 10): Event summary : "Force end" column cannot be displayed in web

ECR 6896 (Update 7): SQL "duplicate key error" message should be written in the errors.dat when it is in advanced mode

ECR 6895 (Update 4): Auto bacnet alarm comments has to be disabled by default for new projects

ECR 6890 (Update 10): crash on master and backup

ECR 6889 (Update 4): Image : MIS file is created when opening image containing PNG in zip file even if the tag exist

ECR 6888 (Update 7): Bacnet Object Window does not work in Web when https is used

ECR 6885 (Update 10): When a bacnet object answers "Unknown object" to a "readproperty" request, nPO should send a "ReinitializeDevice" command to the bacnet device from this object

ECR 6884 (Update 4): Audit trail record saved when trying to write in a tag from an offline bacnet station

ECR 6883 (Update 7): Web popup buzzer still active after "popup buzz" property disabled

ECR 6882 (Update 10): Bacnet online alarm comments are lost after nPO restart

ECR 6881 (Update 4): Incorrect display of dynamic after ILS export

ECR 6880 (Update 7): When using multiple screen with screen 2 as principal monitor, no cluster can be added on images displayed on screen 1.

ECR 6878 (Update 11): The toolbar in the image does not appear when changing from user

ECR 6875 (Update 9): Wrong text when adding multi-tag filter with more then 1000 tags

ECR 6873 (Update 4): COM_ERR communication error tag don't work for Bacnet

ECR 6865 (Update 10): message ""WizXXXX is deprecated"" should be insert inside errors.dat only once by hook

ECR 6864 (Update 5): AuditTrail template is not taken in account in web

ECR 6862 (Update 4): Alarm when losing connection to the centralized CMUM

ECR 6861 (Update 10): Bacnet write from Object Viewer is not recorded to the Audit Trail database.

ECR 6859 (Update 4): Not possible to set a negativ value in Web

ECR 6857 (Update 4): Leak of memory when sending AAM alarm

ECR 6856 (Update 6): add user to Webscheduler failed

ECR 6853 (Update 5): AppUpgrade fails due to a table UM_UserSetting on CMUM.mdb

ECR 6852 (Update 4): The ZIP files of Logs subfolder are all deleted if the size of errors.dat exceed ERR_MAX_SIZE

ECR 6850 (Update 4): EWP don't work

ECR 6847 (Update 4): time tag range is not take inot account on web

ECR 6846 (Update 10): Event summary is not updated in Web when an alarm is aknowledge.

ECR 6845 (Update 4): Wish : option to disable the reset password on Elumanager

ECR 6844 (Update 4): wrong alarm object definition after GLS import

ECR 6843 (Update 10): Crash of ControlMaestro when exporting to GLS from multiple tag list

ECR 6842 (Update 4): Crash on the web environment

ECR 6837 (Update 4): Project crash at startup (using alarm filter with description containig special characters)

ECR 6836 (Update 4): IMG_DISABLED_OBJECT_PROPERTY parameter in Apptune.dat is not applied in web

ECR 6834 (Update 3): ewp logon process is blocked on IE11

ECR 6833 (Update 10): Possibility to generate an audit trail report in pdf automatically

ECR 6825 (Update 3): When migrating an application zones are lost

ECR 6824 (Update 3): csv import does not work if a windows name is specified

ECR 6822 (Update 3): Macro is changed during migration

ECR 6820 (Update 6): Even if the option ""User can change password"" is not set, the user can change his password via web-client

ECR 6819 (Update 3): Macro is lost during migration

ECR 6816 (Update 3): Central User Management : User modifications are registered twice in the audit trail

ECR 6815 (Update 4): tag address field in the tag filter is replaced by the description after restart

ECR 6814 (Update 3): Missing context tag ControlMaestro 2015

ECR 6811 (Update 3): FastAction Loadlayout doesn't work on Windows 8.1

ECR 6806 (Update 3): Texttable does not work with entry in Japanese with Japanese OS

ECR 6804 (Update 3): When exporting one day for a chart the first value of two days later is also exported

ECR 6802 (Update 10): GT files cannot be imported in SQL history database

ECR 6800 (Update 3): SQL tag&alarm history base automatic backup in local mode save all attached bases, not only appication's one

ECR 6799 (Update 3): SQL tag&alarm history base automatic backup in distant SQL mode does not work

ECR 6798 (Update 3): SQL tag&alarm history base manual backup default folder has a ""/"" in excess in the path from studio sql management

ECR 6794 (Update 3): Tag long name is not instanced in the VfitagRef

ECR 6792 (Update 3): Backup is not refreshing anymore when Master is restarted

ECR 6790 (Update 3): Backup crash when using Network Application Update from a view station to this backup

ECR 6788 (Update 8): Fast Action SetTagValue : incorrect syntax and error message

ECR 6785 (Update 3): Importing old history format to SQL in several time windows overwrite old imports

ECR 6783 (Update 3): VFIDataImporter_conf.ini file is missing in the utilities folder from CM installation folder

ECR 6782 (Update 4): Tag Import : CSV or GLS tag import generate error message

ECR 6780 (Update 3): CMUM SQL user management 1 master/several client architecture don't work

ECR 6779 (Update 3): When recording the image under ils the <<< go to zone go to previous zone on the list from the zone definition

ECR 6777 (Update 3): SQL history import fails using groups of several days

ECR 6771 (Update 3): UAC prompt at each start of COntrolMaestro

ECR 6769 (Update 2): how to disable the popup with progress bar appearing with the waiting time of Wait fast action

ECR 6765 (Update 2): When creating a trigger with 2 GoToURL as fast action CM crashes when the image is saved

ECR 6764 (Update 2): BCN:Wrong ToState Alarm Acknowledgment of Event Notifications when 'To State' is an State To_Fault [IN:016541]

ECR 6762 (Update 4): EluCM2mService.dll should be removed from ControlMaestr 2015 release

ECR 6761 (Update 8): Application Upgrade Utility doesn't work well using option ""Force Image Save""

ECR 6759 (Update 4): crash when browsing tag with long address using STP driver

ECR 6758 (Update 2): Tagexport CMSoftPLC variable name from remote station add prefix CM station name twice

ECR 6756 (Update 6): The Java Fast Action trigger ist not working in web

ECR 6754 (Update 2): Saving CMLanguage incorrectly formats german special characters

ECR 6751 (Update 2): Project cannot be opened after migration from wizcon to CM 2015 (CMUM and CMCFG issue)

ECR 6750 (Update 2): When doing a migration (from wizcon to CM) path in the cmcfg are changed to wrong path

ECR 6749 (Update 2): after configuring AuditTrail database the error message ""No source type"" appears without ending

ECR 6746 (Update 4): Time interval for alarm delay properties cannot be changed with multi edit

ECR 6743 (Update 3): When switching from edit mode is disable, align tool bar is not displayed back

ECR 6731 (Update 10): Deleting tag from a network station should not be allowed

ECR 6725 (Update 3): CMAE client from CM13 patch14 do not work.

ECR 6723 (Update 1): The menu is in spanish when ControlMaestro is installed in English

ECR 6721 (Update 1): When creating a new application the SQL database is created for tag but not for alarm historisation

ECR 6720 (Update 1): EluManager.log in the Logs folder of the application contains errors whereas the EluManager was not started

ECR 6702 (Update 0): net_nobroadcast option on view station blocks communication with master/backup stations

ECR 6636 (Update 4): BCC : Wrong translation in alarm rules and event filter [IN:013928]

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