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Update CM2017 Readme


I. Deliverable
II. Requirement
III. Installation Instructions
IV. List of fixes in this Update

I. Deliverable

This update is delivered in a multi-languages EXE file with an html readme file.
It can be identified in the user interface of the setup by a SetupID value equal to 2306.

II. Requirement

ControlMaestro 2017 must be installed.

III. Installation Instructions

1) Close your ControlMaestro 2017 application

2) Launch the installer by double clicking on Update_CM_17_0_3_5.exe and follow the instructions

3) Restart your ControlMaestro 2017 application

Silent installation:
A silent installation without displaying wizard or the background can be performed using the option on the command line. This silent mode only displays the installation progress window.

Command line usage: Update_CM_17_0_3_5.exe /SILENT

IV. List of fixes in this Update

ECR 7283: WebScheduler migration is not working if there is a space in the path

ECR 7271: LRM.dat is corrupted when there are distant alarms

ECR 7259: After migration, web trends are not working because searching file with wrong extension (XML)

ECR 7243: VFISQL : Alarms are not recorded in SQL database since update 9

ECR 7242: Webscheduler : Duplicate exceptions to other device

ECR 7241: BACnet calendar data is not correctly imported to the WebScheduler

ECR 7239: "Clear Context " is changed to "No change to context" during migration from CM2010 to 2017

ECR 7237: Dongle is not recognized using a specific VM

ECR 7236: Using Fast Action GoToUrl to open directly a Scheduler "Action" don't work if many "Actions" defined

ECR 7234: Error message in WebScheduler when attempting to delete exception

ECR 7233: Synchronisation issue on the station with overwrite local database option

ECR 7232: Can't write into the BAcnet Scheduler using the WebScheduler interface

ECR 7231: BACnet WebScheduler: can't add Object Property Reference

ECR 7228: Have the default level to "Info" instead of "trace" in the OPCUA.Client.log

ECR 7225: Webscheduler : a scheduler engine window is displayed

ECR 7224: Webscheduler: activity duplicated through migration

ECR 7221: OPCUA: exporting/importing tags (with german regional settings) is not working

ECR 7217: Can't access the BACnet Webscheduler using a fast action anymore.
New link to open : http://localhost/ewp/App/WebScheduler/LoadPlanningBacNet?DeviceName=xxxx&ScheduleId=xxxx

ECR 7215: Webscheduler: move an activity to sunday: it disapears

ECR 7214: WebScheduler: change in the settings are not recorded

ECR 7212: WebScheduler: Override Exeptions "Always" is not working correctly

ECR 7211: Exceptions are unsorted

ECR 7210: Webscheduler : actions are unsorted

ECR 7209: Webscheduler : Actions are available multiple time

ECR 7206: Webscheduler: image is distored when using a medium size browser

ECR 7204: WebScheduler translations

ECR 7202: No error message when user has no access

ECR 7197: Webscheduler : adding a task description above from the calendar

ECR 7192: Bacnet schedules cannot be created from webscheduler

ECR 7184: vfisql database don't shift back from temporary single user to multiuser mode while ongoing split

ECR 7183: Crash with OPC driver

ECR 7182: crash at startup

ECR 7178: font properties from image font style are corrupted

ECR 7177: web scheduler task fastaction request computer name field has limitation of 15 charaters

ECR 7176: studio image trigger mode wrongly turns on automatically when applying font to several objects

ECR 7174: ID from online alarms (in lrm.dat) is changing after restarting the application

ECR 7170: crashes when editing cluster

ECR 7169: crash

ECR 7163: crash related to CMreport

ECR 7162: Layout doesn't support hebrew characters

ECR 7157: Bacnet : alarm are not correclty loaded after restart

ECR 7156: Removing the toolbar from the events summary profile minimalizes the start time box on the web

ECR 7155: Bacnet : Alarm comments can not be written or read in web

ECR 7149: langage compiler permits to use @SYS_xxx instaed of $xxx system tags but it corrupts wilgttbl file in case of network tags presence

ECR 7140: when activity span over 2 days beginning on 23h45, activity text is hidden on bottom of schedule

ECR 7138: Tag name information is not registred in Audit Trail when change tag value come from the bacnet object box

ECR 7133: Project crash at startup when OPC driver try to connect to an OPC Server wich is unavailable

ECR 7132: 1-@ formula does not work in web

ECR 7125: Web : Java login failed

ECR 7113: cmopcae don't evaluate OPC AE server online alarms

ECR 7104: OPCUA CM client can't write to Unified Automation ansiC UA server

ECR 7103: AAM stop sending mail and Control Maestro studio freeze after a few days

ECR 7092: sql user management with files from installation folder produce cmum error logs

ECR 7083: Images folder lenght limit for animated GIF files

ECR 7079: adding new device fromm bcn console needs CM to restart to get COV notifications

ECR 7073: Event Viewer : Filtering period for alarms should also be possible for online alarms

ECR 7067: RUS of CM2017 doesn't show the line with name "Activated" (for dongle activation)

ECR 7045: Wrong value selection of minutes defined in a schedule of Web Scheduler

ECR 7044: The Fast Action "OpenScheduler" doesn't work to access directly to the defined schedule

ECR 7042: Webscheduler : The day of the week name has to be written in the effective period property from bacnet stations

ECR 7014: if tag.0006 scan rate property is request by CM OPCDA driver, it writes lines in errors.dat as often as scan rate.

ECR 6946: Bacnet COV subscription stops after a while

ECR 6875: Wrong text when adding multi-tag filter with more then 1000 tags

ECR 6762: EluCM2mService.dll should be removed from ControlMaestr 2015 release

V. List of fixes from previous updates

ECR 7146 (Update 2): Audit trail : Tag filters from audit trail profiles are not applied on actions which has no tag name

ECR 7145 (Update 2): Webscheduler : tag list is not displayed when configuring an action

ECR 7143 (Update 2): Webscheduler : After changing the database name, scheduler is still reading and writing in the previous database configured

ECR 7142 (Update 2): Scheduler : when changing authentification method or database name, the scheduler connection is definitely broken Incident [IN:20520]

ECR 7134 (Update 2): default focus on text is lost when button is modified

ECR 7131 (Update 2): Crash one or twice a day since update 7 installation

ECR 7123 (Update 2): trend closing cross system icon minimize and hide trend windows while asking to save windows.

ECR 7122 (Update 2): The software license was not found

ECR 7110 (Update 2): use of dsn in default root folder and other dsn in specific folder corrupts history event summaries

ECR 7108 (Update 2): The columns displayed in the web popup are different from the local popup

ECR 7105 (Update 2): sseverity and zones text and background color from web event summary are different from application event summary

ECR 7101 (Update 2): If the tag database it's very big, WebScheduler is freezed or very long

ECR 7100 (Update 2): In WebScheduler the tags are not sorted by name but by ID

ECR 7098 (Update 2): tags ar referenced with ID in tag webscheduler browser

ECR 7091 (Update 2): for webscheduler migration, number of initial special days are duplicated several times in destintion exceptions

ECR 7090 (Update 2): webscheduler migration logs are not logged in a file

ECR 7089 (Update 2): new webscheduler base name beginning with numerical digit can't be created

ECR 7088 (Update 2): new webscheduler migrate specialdays anterior of migation actual date and produces errors in migrated project

ECR 7085 (Update 2): Cannot open Scheduler database, the login failed

ECR 7084 (Update 2): distant server list browser from scheduler configuration popup provoques crash

ECR 7080 (Update 2): CM Launcher : Version error when starting project

ECR 7077 (Update 2): Trigger turns on in several cases

ECR 7076 (Update 2): UA client crashes scanning softing demo sdk server

ECR 7075 (Update 2): Scheduler can't initialize database

ECR 7074 (Update 2): Opening an image it's very slow if VFISQL settings are not OK (like when SQL database is not attached)

ECR 7072 (Update 2): HTML Template automatic print : some reports cannot be printed when launching several automatic print with language every 5 min

ECR 7071 (Update 2): In Block Definition of Communication Drivers module some texts are wrong translated

ECR 7069 (Update 2): In chart module some texts and messages are not translated

ECR 7068 (Update 2): Network application update : updating only one image is not working in projects with a lot of images

ECR 7066 (Update 2): Bacnet : crash at CM startup when reading Trendlogs

ECR 7063 (Update 2): Image turns in trigger mode in several cases

ECR 7062 (Update 1): STP driver is missing from EluManager

ECR 7060 (Update 2): OPC UA client can't use saved xml configuration at startup

ECR 7059 (Update 1): CM crashes when driver are not define correctly

ECR 7058 (Update 1): CMSQL crash when starting

ECR 7057 (Update 2): crash when adding a PLC in BACnet configurator console

ECR 7056 (Update 2): export to csv menu from history viewer html template published html is wrong

ECR 7055 (Update 2): Scheduler : no error message or warning when scheduler service is not started

ECR 7054 (Update 2): Listviewer : Add to history chart button looks like disabled

ECR 7053 (Update 1): Listviewer : wrong placement behavior when minimize an history chart and resize the webpage

ECR 7052 (Update 1): Listviewer : Cannot maximise history chart if there is a vertical scrollbar on webpage

ECR 7051 (Update 1): Scheduler : Cannot save any nPO scheduler when using Windows Authentification

ECR 7050 (Update 1): Scheduler : text "ControlMaestro" instead of "novaPro Open

ECR 7047 (Update 1): htmltemplate print macros can't access to template files from parameter settings

ECR 7039 (Update 1): German Translation issue

ECR 7035 (Update 2): Web : Web popup cannot be acknowledge when a change value dialog box is open behind it

ECR 7033 (Update 1): Web : unauthorized user with internal tag can launch fast action

ECR 7030 (Update 2): Crash every weel after sending AAM alarms

ECR 7029 (Update 1): Network application update : Updating only one image is not possible

ECR 7026 (Update 2): After ILS export/import, the text alignment is not correct

ECR 7025 (Update 1): crash when importing from LDAP

ECR 7020 (Update 1): SQL management 10 minutes bunch of requests are duplicated on master/station architecture with shared tag SQL history

ECR 7019 (Update 1): Old PCSLIB version on ControlMaestro 2015 Update 6

ECR 7018 (Update 1): OPC driver : tag value is converted when writing on the server

ECR 7016 (Update 1): on a seperate CM webserver station, inhibition of network alarm from event summary don't work on web.

ECR 7013 (Update 1): Bacnet Object Box : Properties from remote bacnet object are not displayed in bacnet object box

ECR 7012 (Update 1): List Viewer : Station name is not taken in account when calling history viewer

ECR 7011 (Update 1): AAM users timetable corrupts and can't be saved when changing UTC PC time zone

ECR 7007 (Update 1): Exporting and impporting tags doesn't retain tag related alarms

ECR 7006 (Update 1): javaw and CMcoreExtensions memory leak

ECR 7002 (Update 1): trend databox do not show latest online point value

ECR 6996 (Update 1): Audit Trail : "Change password" action is not written in audit trail for ldap users

ECR 6995 (Update 1): HTML Template : Audit Trail cannot be printed

ECR 6990 (Update 2): possibility to change the default weight in the event summary profile

ECR 6989 (Update 1): on master/backup with AE server/CMAE client, online alarms duplicate when master stops and start again

ECR 6974 (Update 1): Event Viewer : Relative time does not work for alarm displaying

ECR 6971 (Update 1): When editing alarm objects, alarm filters can't be chosen and a previously selected family is lost

ECR 6970 (Update 1): Dordrecht long image loading

ECR 6967 (Update 1): remote application update do not work well

ECR 6966 (Update 1): audit password iinto apptune.dat s not encrypted

ECR 6962 (Update 1): Alarm "VFI Error" is ended after 30s even if nPO still not connected to SQL database

ECR 6898 (Update 1): Event summary : "Force end" column cannot be displayed in web

ECR 6788 (Update 2): Fast Action SetTagValue : incorrect syntax and error message

ECR 6761 (Update 2): Application Upgrade Utility doesn't work well using option ""Force Image Save""

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