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Update CM2018 Readme


I. Deliverable
II. Requirement
III. Installation Instructions
IV. List of new features in this Update
IV. List of fixes in this Update

I. Deliverable

This update is delivered in a multi-languages EXE file with an html readme file.
It can be identified in the user interface of the setup by a SetupID value equal to 0210.

II. Requirement

ControlMaestro 2018 must be installed.

III. Installation Instructions

1) Close ControlMaestro 2018 running application

2) Launch the installer by double clicking on 'Update_CM_18_0_2_1.exe' and follow the instructions

3) Restart ControlMaestro 2018 application

Silent installation:
A silent installation without displaying wizard or the background can be performed using the option on the command line. This silent mode only displays the installation progress window.

Command line usage: Update_CM_18_0_2_1.exe /SILENT

IV. List of new features in this Update

Maestro Aditum Layout - Version 2:

  • Windows are now moveable and closable independently to fit desired display
  • When selecting a window the menu will be displayed in the header
Auto logout mechanism:
  • User will be automatically logged out after a time period of inactivity
  • More information can be found into the 'Maestro Aditum - User Documentation.pdf' file located in the 'Help' folder
Password management:
  • Expired or about expiring password renewal is now available via Maestro Aditum
Bacnet Object Viewer:
  • BACnet Object Viewer access requires a "double click" on the object in the image
Header hiding option:
  • Header is displayed by default. It can be hidden by adding the following Apptune parameter: MAESTRO_ADITUM_SHOW_HEADER=TRUE/FALSE
Footer hiding option:
  • Footer is displayed by default. It can be hidden by adding the following Apptune parameter: MAESTRO_ADITUM_SHOW_FOOTER=TRUE/FALSE
Login failures Management:
  • Wrong user and/or password case
  • Password expiration case
  • License missing case
  • Server connection loss case
Auto Login:
  • Aditum Auto login function can be set up by activating the "Automatically Login with default user" option. Application needs to restart for the change to be effective
Home layout defined restriction mode
  • For security reasons, a user can only access its own defined layout. An "access denied" page is displayed when trying to access another viewer using a direct URL
  • Restriction can be turned off by adding the following Apptune paramater: MAESTRO_ADITUM_RESTRICT_USER_ACCESS=FALSE
  • More information is available from the 'Maestro Aditum - User Documentation.pdf' file located in the 'Help' folder

V. List of fixes in this Update

[CM-6621] - Polish translation missing

[CM-6652] - Java applet communication is broken after a few login

[CM-6707] - Delete an alarmcounter tag is not working

[CM-6734] - When selecting multiple tags record and sample rate can't be changed

[CM-6766] - network browser for webscheduler activities is missing

[CM-6792] - The tag format in trends doesn't match with the regional settings.

[CM-6820] - Station ID shown in EluManager is wrong

[CM-6825] - Trigger on group object doesn't work on a defined layer

[CM-6826] - Report problem if start and end date is the same

[CM-6936] - Drum animation doesn't work for bit #32 value 1 in web

[CM-6943] - Update the help file regarding the master/backup force tag

[CM-6972] - Text not translated in French version concerning cm2pack

[CM-6976] - Webscheduler : description is written only in small letters

[CM-7030] - Wrong path in CM installation folder

[CM-7057] - crash when packing the application

[CM-7065] - Strange caracters appears in AAM if changes are done in the

[CM-7075] - WebScheduler: Activities become unreadable after time interval reduction

[CM-7111] - load/close image fastaction association don't work on web desktop

[CM-7338] - action can be added twice in the same schedule

[CM-7362] - WebScheduler: Add action at 2AM sunday doesn't work

[CM-7363] - text of activities are difficult to see

[CM-7528] - Showing problem of message format setting

[CM-7529] - When adding activity, it is duplicated

[CM-7536] - Cannot login with a user without password

[CM-7539] - SQL Administration tools' minor display problem

[CM-7544] - WebScheduler: First planning of activities, clicking got stuck

[CM-7569] - Charts: when the X-axis is a tag, low and high limits are not shown

[CM-7578] - crashlog to analyse

[CM-7607] - Crash after copy/paste of a gif

[CM-7627] - Aditum: Image opening takes every time 2~4 seconds to load

[CM-7628] - Image loading slowly

[CM-7642] - xml file is no longer read by chart in studio

[CM-7644] - column names of the event summary profiles are different/wrong compared to the eventsummary window

[CM-7645] - After reimporting the ILS file, few things are lost

[CM-7656] - Event summary Web sorting is inverted

[CM-7664] - DRUM bit 31 on Web

[CM-7666] - The web event summary is not using the studio's sorting parameter

[CM-7671] - Tags with IDs <55 missing from VfiTagRef table

[CM-7672] - WebScheduler: cannot duplicate local schedule if there is a no-name period

[CM-7673] - WebScheduler : out of EWP

[CM-7704] - When a tag is not historised, the chart still tries to load history

[CM-7706] - On EWP's Event Viewer, event summaries does not open

[CM-7709] - Decimal symbol problem in graphics

[CM-7710] - VFIdataImporter need to ignore corrupted history files while importing

[CM-7712] - Non-acknowledged alarms on history mode have already "Ack station"

[CM-7714] - Some caracter was recognized by alarm definition for setting but not for export

[CM-7717] - Non ended alarm shows ended at 01/01/1970 on web and cannot be force-ended

[CM-7719] - Missing documentation regarding MultiStates in API Help

[CM-7723] - Import / export of tags: invalid format

[CM-7727] - Since CM2017_7, new SAIA SBT driver is used but not informed

[CM-7729] - Alarm "tag and alarm data was modified" rise even no change was done in AppData

[CM-7740] - Event Summary Profile's sorting parameter is not applied from the studio

[CM-7741] - Event Summary Profile's sorting parameter is not applied to the web

[CM-7751] - Old splash screen and logo in EluManager of CM2018

[CM-7752] - Old splash screen and logo in Update 1 of CM2018

[CM-7753] - Wrong version of OPCUA.Bridge.dll in Bin folder

[CM-7757] - In Master-Backup structure, some alarms stay after "ack all" action

[CM-7758] - Master and Viewer, same image, but alarm objects don't have the same reaction

[CM-7759] - Pages in Aditum don't have the right size

[CM-7762] - CM Aditum displays black zone

[CM-7763] - Aditum: Cannot execute a fast action for more than 1 action with "SetTagValue"

[CM-7764] - Aditum: Image display is not the same on Aditum than in Studio

[CM-7765] - Aditum not able to close image

[CM-7767] - VPISOM incomplete stream received from device cause crash

[CM-7769] - nPo not able to read data from a splitted database

[CM-7770] - crash when adding special days in the user Timetable

[CM-7771] - Cluster vs. StateText

[CM-7772] - Tag context is not working in Fast action Set Tag Value

[CM-7776] - List of alarm object in image cannot show all alarm family

[CM-7778] - Wrong font sizes in Maestro Aditum

[CM-7779] - While importing ILS, tag_name.StateText is lost if tag not exist

[CM-7780] - VFIBackup emptied but data was not insert into SQL

[CM-7782] - started acknowledge and ended alarms stay in the event summary

[CM-7785] - Aditum shows no accent Alarm and Polish characters

[CM-7786] - Issues with Polish translation in Maestro Aditum

[CM-7787] - Image problem in Aditum

[CM-7788] - Date/time format in Maestro Aditum

[CM-7790] - No way to acknowledge alarm if the header is not shown (Aditum)

[CM-7791] - No way to manage column's size and order in the event summary (Aditum)

[CM-7792] - Aditum: event summary parameters button not working

[CM-7797] - STP driver: Illegal format

[CM-7802] - Maestro Aditum image flickering after value update

[CM-7804] - Aditum: Bad font display

[CM-7805] - can't close event summary when using Layout in Aditum (with File>Exit)

[CM-7807] - Aditum: Cannot acknowledge an Alarm

[CM-7808] - Aditum: Nothing happened when click a button with trigger without tag

[CM-7809] - Aditum: empty popup opens when use a trigger defined with Navigation Zone

[CM-7810] - Online Alarm window showing ended and acknowledges alarms

[CM-7815] - Aditum: chart menu is displayed in background

[CM-7817] - Aditum: some alarm objects with alarm families are not correctly updated

[CM-7819] - Aditum: Wrong date format in Event Summary and History Viewer

[CM-7821] - When parameter IMG_SAVE_WEB_FILE=NO is used, the Web images are not saved

[CM-7823] - Macro: DirectLogin password is not saved correctly

[CM-7824] - Client's alarm object list does not show all alarm families at first click

[CM-7829] - German version's Tag Lock Value window's translation not done

[CM-7830] - German version's Multi-tags window's translation not done

[CM-7832] - Aditum: user's right in Studio is not applied on Aditum

[CM-7833] - Aditum: "Login failed" with a specific application

[CM-7842] - Aditum: Display problem for character " and /

[CM-7843] - Chart Y axis display problem when X axis is a tag.

[CM-7846] - Aditum: Dynamic object should be hidden when tag with given context does not exist

[CM-7847] - Alarm disapear from client station when server station is shut down

[CM-7848] - alarm appears twice

[CM-7850] - Aditum: Alarm objects differ between Java and Aditum

[CM-7852] - Tag's lower limit and upper limit is not applied in object property

[CM-7854] - Aditum Event viewer is very slow if there are many active alarms

[CM-7856] - Aditum: Default on some accented character.

[CM-7860] - Automatic disconnection of Aditum

[CM-7862] - In web: tag limit are not taken in account

[CM-7864] - crash when packing the application 2

[CM-7865] - Crash when the string in "Single tag" is too long

[CM-7867] - Decimal symbol problem in graphics

[CM-7872] - In additum, event summary windows is opened twice

[CM-7873] - Blank page when you click on the parameter button of Aditum

[CM-7876] - Chart parameter is not visible in Aditum

[CM-7879] - Opening of two charts that overlap

[CM-7881] - Aditum: when an image contains a lot of alarm objects it takes a lot of time to be loaded

[CM-7882] - CMUM synchronisation not working when deleting groups

[CM-7894] - Aditum: tag object which is in error is displayed whereas it should be hidden by a dynamic object

[CM-7898] - The trend opens with far too big scale areas

[CM-7899] - Trends loads, but will not open

[CM-7901] - Alarm are different in studio, web java and Aditum

[CM-7902] - Charts are printed into Portrait mode instead of landscape and resolution is not good

[CM-7911] - Connection problems between CM and Alert

[CM-7929] - Maestro Aditum Text Tag Trigger does not work

[CM-7934] - Aditum: some object are not displayed

[CM-7935] - Aditum: Event Summary - when switching from Parameters menu to Operation menu, the grid becomes empty

[CM-7936] - Problem on Event Summary in History mode

[CM-7939] - Missing documentation regarding States in API Help

[CM-7940] - [VFITAGHistory] Serial Number type values are rounded when historized

[CM-7943] - When saving images some objects disappear/move to other position

[CM-7944] - Multistate Trigger Box not update in Aditum

[CM-7945] - Multistate Trigger Box 0.0 low limit not display in Aditum

[CM-7947] - Aditum : Multistate display several scrollbar

[CM-7963] - BulkInsert - Bulk load string data conversion error

[CM-7737] - Add TagLock Feature

[CM-7928] - .NET Toolkit Documentation

[CM-7930] - Increase the number of states supported by multistate
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