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Update CM2018


I. Deliverable
II. Requirement
III. Installation Instructions
IV. List of new features in this Update
IV. List of fixes in this Update

I. Deliverable

This update is delivered in a multi-languages EXE file with an html readme file.

II. Requirement

ControlMaestro 2018 must be installed.

III. Installation Instructions

1) Close ControlMaestro 2018 running application

2) Launch the installer by double clicking on 'Update_CM_18_0_3_1.exe' and follow the instructions

3) Restart ControlMaestro 2018 application

Silent installation:
A silent installation without displaying wizard or the background can be performed using the option on the command line. This silent mode only displays the installation progress window.

Command line usage: Update_CM_18_0_3_1.exe /SILENT

IV. List of new features in this Update

Aditum: a new parameter to apply a ratio on column widths in the Event Summary is now available :

  • A positive ratio can be applied by adding the following Apptune parameter: MAESTRO_ADITUM_EVENTSUMMARY_COLUMN_RATIO=Positive float range ]0- 10]
Display the viewport name in the title bar of each Window in Aditum :
  • If the title bar is displayed then the name of the viewport will be displayed

V. List of fixes in this Update

[CM-6646] - Memory leak in image object property

[CM-6893] - When starting CM: after the start window is open, no CM window are shown for a while

[CM-6942] - wrong menu for special day in shift management

[CM-7554] - Error message window of ILS importing has few problems

[CM-7596] - crash when closing CM with the SoftPLC

[CM-7608] - STP driver crashes randomly

[CM-7654] - BACnet Event-Type "ChangeOfReliability" is not supported

[CM-7768] - Historic chart compare Data box value error

[CM-7775] - Alarm count is wrong in the EluManager

[CM-7813] - Problem csv format for importing tags/alarms.

[CM-7878] - Aditum's chart come back to original zoom when exporting data

[CM-7905] - Event Viewer and HTTPS Certificate error message

[CM-7907] - Impossible to open application with a restricted user

[CM-7912] - Opening the history viewer caused a crash

[CM-7919] - Loading history viewer far too slow

[CM-7920] - The text color in event summary is not applied in Aditum

[CM-7941] - Aditum: When defining a tag with a station name in the history viewer no data is displayed

[CM-7946] - Appplication start is slower since installation of last update

[CM-7951] - CMVfiRead C++ API function infinitely returns the same row

[CM-7952] - error: CryptGetHashParam failure #87

[CM-7962] - Project is crashing with attached Appdata.mdb file

[CM-7966] - When acknowledging a group of alarms via an alarm object in an image from 2 web clients at the same time, CM crashes

[CM-8343] - Aditum: Some zones are not working

[CM-8347] - Web display of a summary of events on "history"

[CM-8353] - IMG_POOLSIZE is big, CM not responding

[CM-8359] - Aditum: the parameter SHOW_HISTORY_IN_LIVE_MODE is not taken into account

[CM-8360] - Aditum screen

[CM-8362] - Dynamic object still showing with a non-existed context tag in local image

[CM-8364] - Blank page appears on Chart in aditum

[CM-8365] - Formula “1 - @” is not working in Aditum

[CM-8366] - Write a Negative value in Aditum

[CM-8373] - In Aditum: User field displays nothing in historical mode

[CM-8377] - Problem to open a huge chart in Aditum

[CM-8378] - Texttag doen't work in Maestro Aditum

[CM-8379] - Bulk insert fails when some numerical values are not valid

[CM-8392] - Aditum: dynamic definition on the group with fill color, don't work

[CM-8402] - Layout order

[CM-8403] - Chart's scales switch on Aditum

[CM-8404] - Chart's display isn't the same on aditum

[CM-8407] - Crash after click on "Modify" then "Cancel" in Macro

[CM-8421] - CSV tag import

[CM-8435] - CM OPCDA Server return "CallBack" exception and make some communication impossible

[CM-8443] - Chart not appear completely

[CM-8445] - Impossible to interact with Aditum with Edge

[CM-8446] - Display errors of the dynamics objects in Aditum

[CM-8450] - "Loading" word don't disapear after all lines are loaded in chart

[CM-8452] - Application Upgrade crashes

[CM-8453] - Bit filter of a tag in a chart in Aditum

[CM-8455] - Aditum: cannot change connected user if the option "connection on web with default user" is activated

[CM-8457] - Aditum: display problem for rotated texts

[CM-8462] - Crash due to reloading of the same BD continuously

[CM-8468] - Charts are slowly to be opened (VFISQL)

[CM-8471] - Aditum chart's X axis changes window with time

[CM-8478] - Error of scale's value in Aditum

[CM-8484] - No subscriber found in errors.dat

[CM-8488] - Print a chart in Aditum

[CM-8489] - The order of the tags in a chart in Aditum is not the same

[CM-8491] - Chart in Aditum doesn't display the same values

[CM-8492] - Tag not shown in Aditum chart

[CM-8493] - Space between Y axes in a Aditum chart

[CM-8495] - Aditum: Window manager is missing on Aditum

[CM-8503] - Crash when opening an image which contains nonexistent tags

[CM-8516] - Aditum: Bad font size

[CM-8522] - Aditum: Error "ReadMultiStateRecordByID" repeats when trying to open an image on Aditum

[CM-8526] - BACnetObject View seems not to support UTF8

[CM-8547] - OPCDA Server give shorted name of tags and useless information instead of the whole name

[CM-8559] - Aditum _ Ack user isn´t displayed

[CM-8576] - Aditum doesn't display the right dynamic parameters than CM

[CM-8580] - The alarm history setting is not take over in Aditum

[CM-8582] - Issue causing trigger mode to deactivate and images to become inoperable

[CM-8594] - Opening a chart from layout doesn't allow to switch from live to historical

[CM-8596] - Crash when remote updating database with OPC Server

[CM-8600] - Aditum: User documentation in the install is not the last version

[CM-8635] - Alarm objects not working in Aditum on network alarms

[CM-8656] - Aditum: Attached application cannot open the layout mode in Aditum

[CM-8678] - Aditum _ the configuration in the header doesn't change

[CM-8681] - Text + background blink in CM, in Aditum the background doesn't blinking

[CM-8682] - Aditum: Alarm objects in Aditum work only locally

[CM-8690] - Aditum: When opening a chart from a layout the page become blank

[CM-8692] - The windows move when you want to change the size of the columns of TagLock in Aditum

[CM-8698] - The tool tip's display is cut when the windows is reduced

[CM-8700] - Error date format of export csv from Aditum of an event summary

[CM-8702] - Specific application crash when try to load an image

[CM-8716] - Aditum doesn't display the rigth low and hight limits of a tag in a chart

[CM-8721] - Wrong alarm filter assigned in an event summary

[CM-8722] - Wrong color displayed in an event summary in Aditum

[CM-8726] - On Aditum when you click on the button "Go to zone" an error message appears

[CM-8727] - The main menu of Aditum is empty

[CM-8747] - Single tag Un-Lock isn't working

[CM-8749] - Tag Lock is not working

[CM-8750] - Tag Lock doesn't update correctly

[CM-8751] - Wrong value format in the trend dataview

[CM-8755] - Aditum shows a blank page when you log in with a user who is using a layout

[CM-8776] - Aditum: with some configuration lines are not seen in charts

[CM-8777] - Aditum: Alarm Object Text is Flashing not the Background

[CM-8778] - Aditum: with specific ann file the conversion is not done correctly

[CM-8785] - Wrong version displayed in CM

[CM-8797] - Error date/hour format of export csv from Aditum chart data

[CM-8814] - Aditum: Trigger in image does not work when a rectangle is defined with transparent background color

[CM-8816] - Aditum: Alarm object issue when a text is defined with transparent background

[CM-8819] - Aditum: the windows for alarm help file is too small

[CM-8822] - Aditum: The trend window is too wide

[CM-8602] - Check if Aditum is installed before to generate files in EluExport folder

[CM-8603] - Databox in chart is empty when opening a new chart

[CM-8606] - Add a condition to display the Maestro Aditum icon in the studio toolbar

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