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Update CM2018


I. Deliverable
II. Requirement
III. Installation Instructions
IV. List of new features in this Update
IV. List of fixes in this Update

I. Deliverable

This update is delivered in a multi-languages EXE file with an html readme file.

II. Requirement

ControlMaestro 2018 must be installed.

III. Installation Instructions

1) Close ControlMaestro 2018 running application

2) Launch the installer by double clicking on 'Update_CM_18_0_4_4.exe' and follow the instructions

3) Restart ControlMaestro 2018 application

Silent installation:
A silent installation without displaying wizard or the background can be performed using the option on the command line. This silent mode only displays the installation progress window.

Command line usage: Update_CM_18_0_4_4.exe /SILENT

V. List of fixes in this Update

[CM-6497] - in web eventsummary columns are resized when alarms are blinking

[CM-6799] - The Modbus TCP/IP help allows PLC station numbers from 00 - 99

[CM-6951] - The conversion/calculation inside the tag definition is not ignored if it is a Dummy tag

[CM-7090] - driver MRP has "SINGLE_SOCKET" parameter that is not described in the help file

[CM-7267] - The Event Summary Open Very Slow With Fast Action

[CM-7588] - When saving an image, Tag parsing takes place at the same time

[CM-7614] - Web Scheduler: "Sunday" does not show correctly the schedule planning

[CM-7707] - BACnet recipient does not auto-delete when removing the device

[CM-7724] - Report's generation in help file is not precise enough

[CM-7771] - Cluster vs. StateText

[CM-7855] - CM2018 Fast Action problem on java web

[CM-7903] - Modbus MRP driver different addresses with and without blocks

[CM-7908] - Aditum: enable or disable a tag in the graph

[CM-8345] - Java web only showing asterixes in images though local images have values

[CM-8410] - Java web event summary show wrong user customized states

[CM-8416] - Issues installing CM2018 on Windows Server 2016

[CM-8451] - Scheduler importer crash

[CM-8460] - The dynamic is not displayed on Aditum

[CM-8461] - Close an image on Aditum

[CM-8533] - Aditum: "Image not found" error

[CM-8539] - CM ODBC connection problem with MySQL

[CM-8541] - after restart, cmAE_Client does not notice activated alarm before restart

[CM-8542] - Aditum: Weight of image is not correct

[CM-8562] - Aditum issue: Image window too short

[CM-8579] - Trigger Object (Momentary) not working in Aditum

[CM-8586] - Data imported from old format contents "holes"

[CM-8610] - Aditum chart_ Time scroll bar isn't working

[CM-8638] - STP Driver: Illegal format for analog tag

[CM-8644] - RUS improvement

[CM-8667] - Aditum: Incorrect error message when you click a button

[CM-8672] - Loss of data when you add a new entry in the User Time Table

[CM-8679] - Number of digits after the separator in chart data box

[CM-8680] - SQL Alarm database does not reconnect after first disconnection-reconnection

[CM-8717] - Most recent MRP driver do no longer support hexadecimal tag address

[CM-8730] - The scale of a tag in a chart in Aditum doesn't appear if you configure 1000 as the high limit

[CM-8739] - Application crash by shutting down the Web Scheduler when closing the application

[CM-8741] - Loss of object in images after importation to ILS

[CM-8753] - Issues with Aditum Demo Dashboard/Viewers not showing application contents

[CM-8789] - Export function doesn't finish the operation

[CM-8793] - Wrong PLC identifier in the tag adress

[CM-8798] - Empty parameter cause crash

[CM-8803] - Increased memory and the appli freezes a few minutes after launch

[CM-8807] - Object loss in images and error after app migration

[CM-8834] - Web Scheduler logo and "LOC{...}" display problem

[CM-8835] - On web the sorting of "user-defined status" in Event Summary does not work

[CM-8848] - OPC AE: The Backup does not end the alarm in CM

[CM-8852] - STP Driver: addressing of tags

[CM-8855] - The dynamics "Show" and "blink" do not work properly together.

[CM-8869] - Tooltip are corrupted in Aditum with some images

[CM-8874] - Aditum: "image not found"

[CM-8876] - Aditum: skinny image display problem

[CM-8880] - Report field count error in eluManager

[CM-8882] - Aditum: trigger button does not work when tag value is not initialized

[CM-8893] - The color setting in the event summary prevents the display of alarms.

[CM-8895] - LoadPictureFile Fast Action does not work correctly in Aditum

[CM-8897] - Export a chart to CSV create a file without data

[CM-8903] - Java chart feature missing in Aditum

[CM-8905] - Aditum : Impossible to display an image with an Ubuntu font

[CM-8907] - Logins in Aditum are not recorded in Audit trail database

[CM-8909] - CMSoftPLC doesn't close with CM

[CM-8910] - Sorting alarms order of event summary in aditum does not reflect order in CM

[CM-8911] - In Aditum when you switch off the live button the chart will not stop

[CM-8912] - Time definition of a chart in Aditum

[CM-8913] - No subscriber found in errors.dat

[CM-8919] - New BACstac is not included in last updates

[CM-8928] - OPC AE client _ During the failover the alarms are lost

[CM-8933] - Items grouped in images do not support color and line size changes

[CM-8938] - Aditum _ the full colors of the alarms are missing in an event summary

[CM-8947] - Loss of object in the images

[CM-8948] - Discordance between CM and Aditum on the blink parameter of an image

[CM-8984] - Codesys loses connection with the runtime after a change in a project.

[CM-8993] - Aditum _ List of stations is not sorted

[CM-8995] - Aditum _ Font is too long

[CM-8996] - Aditum _ Trend legend is sorted incorrectly

[CM-8997] - Aditum _ Definition list is sorted incorrectly

[CM-8998] - Aditum _ The rectangle is displayed transparently

[CM-9001] - Aditum _ The option "change only the own password" does not work

[CM-9002] - Aditum _ The number of unacknoledged alarms is not available in an event viewer

[CM-9022] - Jericho 30b116

[CM-9027] - Automatic logout after creating a special group to desable the auto-logout

[CM-9028] - Aditum _ Blinking object doesn't appear correctly

[CM-9035] - Go To Zone in Aditum are not recorded in Audit trail database

[CM-9036] - Ack alarm in Aditum are not recorded in Audit trail database

[CM-9037] - Tag Lock/Unlock in Aditum are not recorded in Audit trail database

[CM-9039] - Tag assign in Aditum are not recorded in Audit trail database

[CM-9056] - Alert Object Issue on Aditum with AlarmUSerField

[CM-9061] - Maestro Aditum Drum Dynamic

[CM-9064] - No chart display on Aditum

[CM-9067] - Aditum _Momentary trigger don't support formula

[CM-9072] - Y axes scale of chart are displaying too much digits

[CM-9081] - Bug in the chart description on Aditum

[CM-9084] - Taglock always creates 2 alarms

[CM-9087] - Error message regarding OTHER driver

[CM-9090] - Aditum context whit LoadLayout

[CM-9092] - Aditum _ MultiState window moving when dragging the thumb

[CM-9103] - Multi-state issue

[CM-9123] - The parameter OLD_READDATAINCACHE=YES is not taken into account

[CM-9145] - Aditum: issue when using Fill animation with pipe objects

[CM-9148] - When using contexts in a chart, the ".Value" property is automatically added in the name of the labels

[CM-9160] - Aditum: wrong values in databox when using low and high marker

[CM-9171] - Aditum: issue with Fill animation

[CM-9175] - Aditum: Trend Legend is not complete

[CM-9186] - Aditum: many triggers are not working when using cluster

[CM-9192] - Trend values field is not displayed on aditum with the Min / Max parameter

[CM-9199] - Aditum: Event summary does not show any alarm when not using the default alarm history folder

[CM-8405] - Aditum: wish to be able to disable automatic popup at the start of the navigation

[CM-9162] - Add the description in the history viewer

[CM-9163] - Copy / Past alarm information

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