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Update CM2018 Readme


I. Deliverable
II. Requirement
III. Installation Instructions
IV. List of fixes in this Update

I. Deliverable

This update is delivered in a multi-languages EXE file with an html readme file.
It can be identified in the user interface of the setup by a SetupID value equal to 0210.

II. Requirement

ControlMaestro 2018 must be installed.

III. Installation Instructions

1) Close ControlMaestro 2018 running application

2) Launch the installer by double clicking on 'Update_CM_18_0_7_2.exe' and follow the instructions

3) Restart ControlMaestro 2018 application

Silent installation:
A silent installation without displaying wizard or the background can be performed using the option on the command line. This silent mode only displays the installation progress window.

Command line usage: Update_CM_18_0_7_2.exe /SILENT

IV. List of fixes in this Update

CM-10007 : German misspelling in the error message

CM-10008 : Aditum problem with grouping

CM-10009 : LoadImage don't work in layout mode

CM-10023 : Maestro Aditum doesn't show auto-end alarms

CM-10025 : Aditum - CMResourceConverter, image conversion again due to timestamp

CM-10053 : Transfer context does not work on Aditum when using LoadPicture fast action

CM-10072 : Cannot open an image containing a context transfer on Aditum

CM-10073 : Aditum: buzzer sounds overlapped

CM-10074 : VFIDataImporter: can not import a large amount of data.

CM-10088 : EluManager Log shows incorrect date

CM-10091 : CM 2018 patch 6: StateText issue

CM-10113 : Aditum: Event sumary is empty

CM-10116 : Tooltips in aditum not positioned next to the cursor

CM-10117 : Aditum chart tag selection

CM-10118 : Aditum: wrong color for a dynamic object

CM-10119 : Some text is bigger in Aditum than local

CM-10120 : Digital displays are moved to the left

CM-10121 : Aditum: Windows button display the same image tab several times

CM-10123 : Button not working on Aditum

CM-10127 : Aditum pages not refresh after 5hours


CM-10160 : Aditum_event summary text font

CM-10198 : Alarm history are not displayed in Aditum

CM-10199 : The Tag limit (400) message prevents the search for tags in the chart

CM-10220 : Bacnet Scheduler: Cannot save exception data range

CM-10234 : Add Button to remove exception from a bacnet schedule

CM-8515 : Difference between CM local image and Aditum

CM-8611 : The font size in the images is not respected in Aditum

CM-9050 : Login appears and doesn't work in a chart

CM-9529 : Temporary loss of text alignments

CM-9540 : Button label display issue

CM-9548 : Aditum popup messages in english

CM-9570 : New Multistates won'be shown in the image in Aditum immediately

CM-9573 : Logout button in Aditum with smartphone

CM-9578 : Error web page returned by Aditum with Edge

CM-9580 : Graphical problems in Aditum

CM-9588 : Trigger with several fast-actions doesn't work on Aditum

CM-9619 : Acknowledge issue on web

CM-9657 : CMSqlExtension retrieve backup data failed.

CM-9660 : Bug Fast Action Load Image vs fentre vs images vs contexte

CM-9665 : CM System Security not working

CM-9672 : Editing object's dynamics causes ControlMaestro hanging

CM-9688 : Hidden Shutdown and Restart Button in Start Menue

CM-9745 : ODBC logging on communication error

CM-9752 : Alarm Status filter not working in Aditum

CM-9826 : Aditum page needs about 20-40 sec. to open

CM-9830 : Aditum : alignment and position issue on buttons

CM-9841 : Aditum : Image display ratio issue

CM-9842 : Aditum : filling dynamic issue

CM-9850 : Transfer context issue

CM-9859 : Aditum : Tag displaying field is not on the correct position

CM-9874 : Import from ILS is not working

CM-9878 : Fast action problem on CM18 update 6

CM-9882 : CM2018 Patch 6.1 - Alarm Help Aditum does not show "umlaute "

CM-9887 : Fast action 'Pause' causes problem on Aditum with CM18 update 5 and 6

CM-9893 : Bad display alignment on CM18

CM-9930 : Multiple Fast Action Triggers dont work in Aditum

CM-9932 : One trigger button doesn't work

CM-9933 : On Aditum, the popup is larger than with java

CM-9934 : CM2018 Patch6.1 - On Aditum, change password is not possible

CM-9935 : "CloseActiveImage" doesn't work when using a different window and image.

CM-9937 : When adding a new exception, it is duplicated 7 times in BCC

CM-9938 : When adding an action in an exception and not saving it, the exception disappears

CM-9940 : When adding a 2nd exception in an exception, it is not added in BCC

CM-9941 : When adding an action in an exception, it deletes other exceptions in the schedule

CM-9942 : Impossible to add 3 exceptions and save them to the webscheduler

CM-9943 : Impossible to add 2 exceptions with action in the webscheduler, in the same time

CM-9949 : Aditum Charts - Description conversion when using a context

CM-9950 : Aditum Charts- Databox is incomplete when browser is not full screen

CM-9952 : Sound on Aditum: Unable to keep authorization setting

CM-9959 : Buzzer sound on Aditum is different from that in local CM

CM-9964 : Aditum, transfer of context in charts doesn't work

CM-9967 : Selection of a tag in Maestro Aditum Trend

CM-9968 : Maestro Aditum / MultiState Text of network Tags

CM-9969 : Search tags from a remote station with Maestro Aditum / Trend is very slow

CM-9971 : CM 2018 patch 6: endless ADITUM2CM messages in errors.dat

CM-9980 : Wrong value on network tags on Aditum

CM-9983 : Reproducible crashes by editing an image

CM-9986 : Impossible to change the value of a string tag from Aditum

CM-9994 : GoToZone in Load Image-Fast Action doesn't work everytime

CM-9995 : Macro LoadImage is not opening correct vim if vim is not already opened

CM-9997 : Impossible to open an image too large with Aditum

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