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Update CM2018 Readme


I. Deliverable
II. Requirement
III. Installation Instructions
IV. List of fixes in this Update

I. Deliverable

This update is delivered in a multi-languages EXE file with an html readme file.
It can be identified in the user interface of the setup by a SetupID value equal to 0802.

II. Requirement

ControlMaestro 2018 must be installed.

III. Installation Instructions

1) Close ControlMaestro 2018 running application

2) Launch the installer by double clicking on 'Update_CM_18_0_9_5.exe' and follow the instructions

3) Restart ControlMaestro 2018 application

Silent installation:
A silent installation without displaying wizard or the background can be performed using the option on the command line. This silent mode only displays the installation progress window.

Command line usage: Update_CM_18_0_9_5.exe /SILENT

IV. List of fixes in this Update

CM-9956: Aditum Charts: the chart's title does not appear in the header instead of file's name

CM-9957: Aditum Events summary: the summary's title does not appear in the header instead of file's name

CM-10048: TagLock : Lock only the tag with the value, preloaded during opening Taglock window

CM-10408: Aditum problem on trend

CM-10445: Default zone name is in gibberish

CM-10446: Unable to define a default zone

CM-10534: Application upgrade issue with special caracters

CM-10542: Tag value is not refreshed in the image

CM-10551: Event summary in aditum : when changing size of window, information not resized

CM-10584: Alarming issue if nPO is not shut down properly by killing process

CM-10611: System Security: Logging in twice with an unprivileged user restores the Windows shell

CM-10621: MaestroAditum not showing connection loss

CM-10688: ControlMaestro hangs or crashes several times per day

CM-10697: System Security : switching from a user with shutdown restriction to a full right user issue

CM-10701: OPCUA : Scanning the OPC Server never ends

CM-10706: Aditum : Layout management issue

CM-10707: Aditum : LoadImage position issue

CM-10714: Aditum : relative start time issue in chart in live mode

CM-10726: Aditum : unable to open charts and event summary, acces denied

CM-10730: Aditum Event summary : Alarm status name is not correctly displayed

CM-10731: Aditum Event Summary : Acknowlegde alarm window translation is missing

CM-10732: Aditum Event Summary : Acknowlegde alarm window OK button is useless

CM-10736: System Security : add a reset restriction before ControlMaestro shutdown

CM-10750: Issue on alert objects and LoadImage

CM-10753: Aditum : Trend with tag context is not shown

CM-10772: Traces info in errors log linked to the refresh issue on image

CM-10785: Aditum : chart file not visible

CM-10796: Aditum Export of chart : Reverse start and end time

CM-10811: Object Template definition issue

CM-10833: Display colors in charts as like in local

CM-10861: Change use of old net mask mechanism in favor of adapter net mask

CM-10865: Aditum : Unable to display png images which contains the characters "+" in their name

CM-10874: Aditum : filling of a group of object issue

CM-10889: Aditum : chart is not displayed when changing configuration from the data box

CM-10503: Add a cache mechanism for GetMultipleDefinitions method

CM-10739: Audit Trail: log when a user failed to login

CM-10450: Aditum : Display the popup window in red and centered

CM-10842: Aditum : relative start time issue in chart in live mode

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