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I. Deliverable
II. Requirement
III. Installation Instructions
IV. List of fixes in this Update

I. Deliverable

This update is delivered in a multi-languages EXE file with an html readme file.

It can be identified in the user interface of the setup by a SetupID value equal to 1201.

II. Requirement

ControlMaestro 2008 Service Pack 2 must be installed.

III. Installation Instructions

1) Close your ControlMaestro 2008 Service Pack 2 application

2) Launch the installer by double clicking on Update_CM2008_10_2_0_30.exe and follow the instructions

3) Restart your ControlMaestro 2008 application

Silent installation:

A silent installation without displaying wizard or the background can be performed using the option on the command line. This silent mode only displays the installation progress window.

Command line usage: Update_CM2008_10_2_0_30.exe /SILENT

IV. List of fixes in this Update

ECR 4427: CM Application freezes when alt+shift to switch language

V. List of fixes from previous updates

ECR 5090: Dynamic problem in web, when using more than one tag property

ECR 4978: HTTP error 411 with Windows 2003 Server

ECR 4927: AAM does not work between 23:20 and 00:10

ECR 4923: Audit tool crashes when problem on one chart.

ECR 4838: CMSqlExtension problem

ECR 4824: Crashes ESA application crashes when a webclient logs in

ECR 4819: Undefined behavior in web representation

ECR 4818: ILS lower case station name makes replay module miss tags

ECR 4795: View station crashes when a webclient logs in

ECR 4771: User withour Scheduler access right sis able to login and add himself as administrator.

ECR 4763: When browsing the Web Scheduler BacNet insrface for objects, there is a timeout message

ECR 4731: POPUP appears if alarm filters has been changed.

ECR 4722: You can open a CM 2010-Application with CM 2008.

ECR 4713: You can open a CM 2010-Application with CM 2008 .

ECR 4704: Alarmobject based on Alarmfilter including more than one station does not work in web

ECR 4703: wrong migration of VFI apptune parameter from wizcon to CM2010

ECR 4664: Value is written to wrong Tag when using HTML Template in Web desktop.

ECR 4659: A load image with a specific user produces crash for SIAH application.

ECR 4634: Dynamic animation in web not working correctly .

ECR 4614: CMRetain.dat cannot be synchronized on master/backup architecture

ECR 4610: If image + zone more than 70 characters, it will nPO crash with Audit trail function.

ECR 4606: After upgrade all VFI5CB (VFI5FST) has been replace by CMVFI5CB (VFI5FST) in apptune.dat. Parameters become inactive

ECR 4590: The ScriptLoginUser function doesn't work after a logout by the scriptLogoutUser function

ECR 4589: The Web alarm list is not complete after a direct login by using the scriptLoginUser function

ECR 4585: Can 't see bacnet schedule when hebrew language is selected

ECR 4564: Scrollbar of eventsummary appears when you do changes on profile settings

ECR 4558: HistoryViewerEntry[] api java toolkit crash if to many tags used

ECR 4556: With on line chart, points of charts are sometimes not displayed correctly (timestamp sorted not correct)

ECR 4542: Chart viewport freezes when « comrpession » message is displayed.

ECR 4539: Crash on block definition dialog box

ECR 4532: Database login error (appears after xls charts export)

ECR 4526: Replace text in image using "Edit properties" causes a crash

ECR 4522: No scrollbar in web when using a lot of entries for a text table

ECR 4521: Tag values missing on backup if using VPIWNOPC in master/backup

ECR 4519: The use of *% in the description as tag filter generates a crash

ECR 4512: Triggers does not work correct in web

ECR 4506: TAGTMPL_CONTEXT and CONTEXTNAME can not be selected anymore (OK button is greyed out)

ECR 4505: Application freezes after popup appears and complete pc is not responding anymore

ECR 4498: CM Language stops working

ECR 4489: User without rights on the tag can change the value via mulitple tag in Web

ECR 4475: Opening chart uses a control maestro process thread, but closing chart does not release the thread

ECR 4473: PDA application is locked when an popup is opened with HTC Diamond2 + Win Mobile 6.5

ECR 4472: The tag value not updated in nPO if Codesys is used with a Cyclic task at 1 second

ECR 4471: The upgrade tool can not close the Trend windows

ECR 4466: The tooltips in web is flickering very fast and doesn't display the tag information

ECR 4462: Polygonal graphic objects can loose fill-in property for selection (trigger and edit mode)

ECR 4449: The Color bar in image is always displayed even if you unselect it in the View menu

ECR 4441: If a '%' character is used in the Multistate name, nPO is crashed at start-up

ECR 4440: alarm counter in popup filter in backup station inhibits any alarm generation.

ECR 4439: Application upgrade tool freeze when saving some images using tag context.

ECR 4438: Animation gif in shared image read from a new application viewport make CM crash.

ECR 4437: When an alarm is ended and auto-acknowledge at same time, nPO is crashed

ECR 4433: Impossible to save after Special day adding

ECR 4428: Can't remove the trigger on an object unless the dynamic is removed first

ECR 4424: When using the 'Action' trigger and using as formula -12345 the image will crash

ECR 4420: In webdesktop, when different alarm filters are used in different event summaries, sometimes they are not notified, same as webpopup.

ECR 4419: Filled orthogonal polygon don´t work as trigger after edit pipes in image module

ECR 4418: Reload of chart does not load default settings of the chart

ECR 4330: Function BlockWriteAccess not working in PCSLib.lib library of SoftPLC

ECR 4296: Can´t configure AAM FAX-options in german version of ControlMaestro 2008 SP2

ECR 4272: The export/import of tags in CSV format don't work with record option "Update"

ECR 4220: Smooth trigger doesn't work as expected in web

ECR 3799: Translation issues in german version of CM

ECR 3009: Alarm are not well sorted when the sorting is defined folowing 2 different method

ECR 4417: Same chart, in View station is different of chart in Master (using VPISO driver)

ECR 4403: Error message concerning CM ressources in Studio (network properties)

ECR 4402: Webpopup not shown in desktop.html when using option 'Automatically login with default user' and when using default.popup file

ECR 4398: After disconnecting network cable, View station does not reconnect anymore .

ECR 4395: When using certain amount of alarm objects, not all of them are blinking in webimage, locally it is ok.

ECR 4391: When using databox in chart, save chart and select 'reload', the databox is reloaded at different coordinates

ECR 4390: When pressing the right scroll button in historical chart, the scrollbar freezes

ECR 4388: Object/tag web browser in trend tag configuration suffers refresh problem for tag properties

ECR 4379: When logging in and using layout sometimes appl. is frozen

ECR 4377: Trigger 'Buttons' does not work correct in the web when Tagcontext is used

ECR 4374: refresh problem between web application

ECR 4366: Not possible to enable/disable item validation with current OPC client

ECR 4362: When exporting a custom action with a long folder name, its name is truncated and import fails

ECR 4361: Alarmpopup always appears in background of desktop.html

ECR 4354: The trend for a PDA application doesn't work.

ECR 4350: No more possible to send a SMS when the alarm is ended with AAM

ECR 4340: Shutdown will not stop after pressing 'Cancel' in image save dialog box

ECR 4339: Dynamic objects are not shown correctly

ECR 4336: Object properties not available after importing deleted Tags from a .csv file.

ECR 4328: The applet communication doesn't start each time after a link loss

ECR 4327: When importing an exported .ils file with a custom action you get 'Object - bad format' error message.

ECR 4323: Empty Web-eventsummary when using a different history folder path

ECR 4321: Object properties of network station tags are crossed in web

ECR 4310: The Webschduler doesn't display the modification just after the Save action

ECR 4306: No error message when using a missing or non existing Tag

ECR 4303: TagAssignement macro does not accept expression (formula) with character "-" (arithmetical operator)

ECR 4276: "Set Handler name" in ControlMaestro 2008 SP2 doesn´t work

ECR 4280: Loading an image from the events summary using load picture and context opens the image, but does not use the correct tag context.

ECR 4279: Loading an events summary using fast action trigger does not work on the PDA

ECR 4273: Not possible to select special days tasks and insert them in the calendar of the WebScheduler

ECR 4269: Chart Scrollbar was not working after login/logout

ECR 4266: With BACnet tasks the schedule is wrong shifted when new hour is added

ECR 4264: Title-bar of an eventssummary is changing between Name and Path

ECR 4262: TagAssignement macro does not accept expression (formula) with character "-" (arithmetical operator)

ECR 4261 : The values of size and position of an image cannot be changed in same time with option "Title bar"

ECR 4256: When trying to save a user profile in the Scheduler some settings always jump back to 'Administrator' setting

ECR 4254 : Crash in OPCDA Server when trying to add a Group

ECR 4250 : System tags SYS_IMAGEY and SYS_IMAGEX are not working in CM

ECR 4249: Deleted users from studio can't be deleted from webscheduler user lists

ECR 4248 : Displaying bits in Trend is not working correctly

ECR 4244 : Assist dialogbox has not been translated in French

ECR 4241: TAGTMPL_CONTEXT and TAGTMPL_CONTEXTNAME show a cross in the web when using Desktop.html

ECR 4239: If an User description have got a ' character, the registration in the Audit Trail databse is not correct

ECR 4230: Chart cannot show history data after that network is activated

ECR 4225: Using zoom buttons in web trend makes the online trend freeze.

ECR 4204 : Image module hangs after trying to modify tag properties

ECR 4177: The Afm.xml file is cleared up aft application restart or Alarm filter modification

ECR 4128 : Crash in OPCDA Server when trying to add a Group

ECR 4099: The Tag Mapper doesn't work in web

ECR 4097: The user without the rights can modify the Webscheduler policy

ECR 4064: Column width of popup in Web cannot be manually resized

ECR 4027: on line chart doesn't take care of PLC tag sample (on event behaviour)

ECR 3791: Dynamic moving string refresh problems when text is resized

ECR 3756 : Crash with VPISTP driver

ECR 3534: Sometimes, when you open a chart, data is not shown correctly.

ECR 3172: Definition button is too small .

ECR 2293: Dynamic and trigger are both deleted when customer would like to delete dynamic on specific image

ECR 1530: Network Application update select files not possible

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