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I. Deliverable
II. Requirement
III. Installation Instructions
IV. List of fixes in this Update

I. Deliverable

This update is delivered in a multi-languages EXE file with an html readme file.
It can be identified in the user interface of the setup by a SetupID value equal to 1903.

II. Requirement

ControlMaestro 2010 must be installed.

III. Installation Instructions

1) Close your ControlMaestro 2010 application

2) Launch the installer by double clicking on Update_CM2010_11_0_1041_35.exe and follow the instructions

3) Restart your ControlMaestro 2010 application

Silent installation:
A silent installation without displaying wizard or the background can be performed using the option on the command line. This silent mode only displays the installation progress window.

Command line usage: Update_CM2010_11_0_1041_35.exe /SILENT

IV. List of fixes in this Update

ECR 6468: history ODBC bcakup files re-injection process, after connection loss, is too long

ECR 6406: crash at ETH

ECR 6013: Webscheduler task can't be loaded script slowing IE

ECR 5725: Values of tags are not initialized with CMRetain value (Startup Value)

V. List of fixes from previous updates

ECR 6008: Number of handles used by CMCoreExtension.exe increases a lot

ECR 5953: Some text are move to the right after an application upgrade

ECR 5951: Some images are not displayed when using the autologon in web

ECR 5949: A trigger object is not correctly exported in web

ECR 5924: Can not open image with some clusters in web

ECR 5774: Application upgrade does not succeed due to javaw.exe crash

ECR 5760: Not possible to define a float-value as a start-value from a Float-Tag

ECR 5677: CM 2010 PP31 crashs if you re-add a deleted user-alarmgroup in the list of recipients in the alarmsettings

ECR 5663: When using Master/Backup with View stations then refresh of images is not correct

ECR 5659: When browsing with our OPC client or external ones; the VPI name is randomly shown as VPI number or VPI name

ECR 5652: SOM has a problem when defining a station address greater than "EB" (hexa)

ECR 5651: Web application does not show that the connection to the server was lost when the server loses network connection and http protocol is used

ECR 5641: Can't hide tool bar of a chart through authorization

ECR 5640: Not possible to view or add comments to Alarms when Master was down

ECR 5608: History deleted due to disk full settings cannot be older than 1 year

ECR 5583: Crash of CM2010 application when trying to open a chart

ECR 5582: Alarms not shown from day when daylight saving switched

ECR 5547: Crash after using fast action to open a History Viewer

ECR 5510: Slow report generation with VfiSQL

ECR 5484: Image in web-browser will not displayed after auto-login by default user

ECR 5459: Canīt acknowledge all alarms in event summary by using "acknowledge all alarms"

ECR 5453: String Trigger in text table does not take user restriction in account

ECR 5435: Macros TagAssignment are corrupted if remote station is not connected

ECR 5421: Only the object which was paint at first time get the triggerfunction in a clusterobject (DYNAMIC / similar ECR 5275)

ECR 5400: In Web the trigger "Previous zone" doesn't work

ECR 5374: Loading of charts with vfisql very slow (bad performance due to sql server native client not enabled)

ECR 5369: Web: Alarm List in History mode displaed only 99%

ECR 5361: Not possible to disable switch from Online to Historical mode in Event Summary in the web

ECR 5353: Application is frezee with Windows 7 when many images with tag templates are opened (more then 10)

ECR 5345: Tooltips with tag context doesn't work in web

ECR 5333: In charts; when you select a property and CM has not a network name; the format of property is ":SYS..." and so; it is not correct and recognized

ECR 5312: Handle leak when using master/backup on SDEA application

ECR 5305: Changing the Date when locking a Tag in the web is not saved

ECR 5303: REPORT command in Application Language run "rep.exe" not "CMrep.exe"

ECR 5296: Path of Docs directory as shown in apptune.dat/wiztune.dat not taken in account during upgrade

ECR 5291: Wrong system alarm using VFISQL and string tag

ECR 5276: Hebrew caracters are not shown in web event summary when using historical mode and windows xp

ECR 5275: Only the object which was paint at first time get the triggerfunction in a clusterobject

ECR 5273: CMCoreExtensions.exe: handles and memory resources are increasing continuously

ECR 5266: Disable control operations disables fast action triggers

ECR 5255: No colors in data box in charts

ECR 5239: Multiple tag list content for Tag Lock Value different between studio and web

ECR 5231: clear context option is not working for loadimage trigger

ECR 5219: Generation of report is very long using rep line command

ECR 5215: fast action , loadImage doesn't work with java UPDT27 and more

ECR 5203: Java script function 'scriptGetPictureName' does not work

ECR 5197: Wizcon 9.3 network tags can'y be added in CM2010 trend

ECR 5190 : disable control operation on html page disable zonenavigator actions

ECR 5189: disable control operations on web do not work

ECR 5188: Migration of charts from 9.4 or CM2008 with more than 1 tag fails

ECR 5173 : disable control operation on html page disable zonenavigator actions


ECR 5137: Cross hair option not available with new chart module

ECR 5136: In html template we can not choose historical view

ECR 5134: Problem exporting trends in CSV file

ECR 5132: Web popup does not run

ECR 5126: Autorisation menu option for trend doesn't work

ECR 5117: Trend created in update 16 does not open in update 19

ECR 5116: TAGTMPL_CONTEXT and TAGTMPL_CONTEXTNAME show a cross in the web

ECR 5109: Context doesn't get updated in web

ECR 5104: Problem deleting locked and unluckod objects in an image

ECR 5093: On view station tags name is stationName.tagName instead of stationName:Tagname when using SDEA browser

ECR 5090: Dynamic problem in web, when using more than one properties of a tag

ECR 5089: Trend will run into timeout if BACnet-Devices were connected

ECR 5080: AAM doesn't work when using shift management

ECR 5079: Error mesages with CM2010 Wizard

ECR 5071: Alarms are not sent by AAM when using Centralized User Management and UsersTimeTable

ECR 5070: Sometimes UsersTimeTable is not editable for 5-10 minutes

ECR 5066: CMvfisql open and do not close sql treads when vue station tries to open trends with mising master tags <

ECR 5065: Crash on CM2010

ECR 5036: we can't either sort event summary alarms folowing "force end" column nor "comments" column

ECR 5026: Can't import tag csv file if tag startup value includes special characters (; : ? / ( [ .) )

ECR 5013: On specific application, set time for digital tag is different according request

ECR 5011: Web server disconnect with huge amount of alarms

ECR 5008: ALGEN_REGARD_STATE apptune parameter affects inhibition alarm function

ECR 5006: Sofrel SO problem

ECR 5000: On view station Tags description is not available when using custom SDEA browser inside a chart

ECR 4994: Updating master/backup from dev station doesn't work

ECR 4990, 4991, 4992, 4993: AAM User Timetable

ECR 4988: Loading chart very slow when using VFISQL

ECR 4985: Trigger inputboxes doesnīt appear in special cases because they are outside of the visible range.

ECR 4984: When the historical period is more than 25 days then the scrollbar will not work correctly

ECR 4978: Http error 411 with Windows 2003 Server when trying to open a webpage

ECR 4977: Server disconnect when switching from history to online

ECR 4970: Limitation of chart save menu autorisation does not apply anymore when exiting chart through close windows

ECR 4963: Web history viewer from few days time filter makes java reach its limits and produces java exception

ECR 4955: CM shutdown-window is closed, but CM processes are still running, APPTUNE deteted

ECR 4943 : Alarms (except system alarms) are only shown locally with Web popup, not remotely

ECR 4941: Canīt delete all entrys of a UsersTimeTable (Weekly and daily mode)

ECR 4927: AAM doesn't work between 23:20 and 00:10

ECR 4918: Web event summary time filtering makes freezing softPLC-CM2010_4 communication

ECR 4897: Webscheduler: bacnet schedule is not saved

ECR 4894: Programmable tempo option in web alarm popup is activ in CM2008SP2_18 but is not anymore in CM2010_8

ECR 4893: No popup in the local image, when unauthorized user will set a tag value in an image

ECR 4890: New chart module doesn't refresh automatically databox when mouse has been moved over the chart

ECR 4886: Tag limits have been not checked on tag definition / have been checked on charts

ECR 4880: Time view option in chart data box is not respected when migrating from CM2008 to CM2010

ECR 4876: VFISQL generate temporary CSV file

ECR 4861: Fonts very small: Some of the fonts e.g for the trends, the time scale etc. are very small

ECR 4853: The real time button is not present in the menu bar; to use it we need to leave the tool bar visible

ECR 4852: Saving a chart with the real time button enabled, closing the chart and opening it again, the button is not enabled

ECR 4838: CMSQLExtension problem on both CM2008/CM2010 application

ECR 4837: One cannot connect to CM2010 update5 OPC server (Version should be used for CM)

ECR 4835: Option pro corextension popup from backup station studio stops definitivly backup station function if answered 'yes'

ECR 4834: Not possible to use different HTTP Ports than Port 80 when using router and different Webservers

ECR 4831: Toolkit Java : for UserDefinedApplet

ECR 4824: ESA application crash

ECR 4819: Undefined behaviors in web representation (WebDesktop.html)

ECR 4818: ILS lower case station name makes replay module to miss tags

ECR 4817: User object oriented model defined in master station makes view station freezing at starting

ECR 4807: Loading layout of trends increases memory usage of javaw.exe (memory leak)

ECR 4802: Multistate does not work when using Tagcontext

ECR 4797: Not possible to disable menu's of Event Summary / Chart in web

ECR 4795: View station crashes when a webclient logs in

ECR 4785: The Print button from the HTML report doesn't work for Historic viewer or Alarm viewer

ECR 4771: User without Scheduler access rights (not authorized) is able to login and add himself as administrator

ECR 4763: When browsing the Web scheduler Bacnet interface for Scheduler objects, it will take a lot of time until we get a timeout error message

ECR 4748: When setting the station name via the API it does not check if the station name contains invalid characters

ECR 4731: POPUP appears if alarm filters has been changed

ECR 4722: You can open a CM 2010-Application with CM 2008

ECR 4715: Apptune parameters do not work anymore in CM2010 chart module

ECR 4714: Translation problem in chart definition

ECR 4713: Configured Float-tags can not import with CM 2008 and 2010

ECR 4707: Chart databox shows incorrect values when dealing with customized start time (Advanced options)

ECR 4704: Alarmobject based on Alarmfilter including more than one station does not work in web

ECR 4703: Wrong migration of VFI apptune parameter from wizcon to CM2010

ECR 4701: Impossible to send an Email the 31 december 2010 with 25 teams defined

ECR 4699: Dot in CM network name station is not managed in java new chart module

ECR 4696: No menu bar on chart and event summary viewport when using webdesktop

ECR 4685: When using zoom and the Refresh (real time icon) is active, the focus is moved to the right side of the chart

ECR 4693: Impossible to start a project with a Win7

ECR 4663: Crashlog due to cmaddonsmonitor

ECR 4659: A load image with a specific user produces crash for SIAH application

ECR 4658: Save recipe produces error function of "read out of block" driver option

ECR 4638: Export of chart data is not correct in german version

ECR 4636: Chart module issue with TagTemplate

ECR 4634: Dynamic animation in web not working correctly

ECR 4633: Error (9) with macro 'printchart'

ECR 4627: New TagIDs when export/import existing tags

ECR 4615: Alarm comment can't be used in history mode

ECR 4614: Cmretain.dat can't be synchronized on master/backup architecture

ECR 4585: Can 't see bacnet schedule when hebrew language is selected

ECR 4493: Action trigger gets undefined value if CM-station, which contains the Tag, will be shut down

ECR 4491: 'Rebuild instance' functions deletes station name in cluster animations

ECR 4487: You can open repeatedly an EventSummary and/or Chart in desktop.html

ECR 4462: Polygonal graphic objects can loose fill-in property for selection (trigger and edit mode)

ECR 4440: Alarm counter in popup filter in backup station inhibits any alarm generation

ECR 4427: CM Application freezes when alt+shift to switch language

ECR 4419: Filled orthogonal polygon donīt work as trigger after edit pipes in image module

ECR 4277: You can open several "Users timetable"

ECR 4220: Smooth trigger doesn't work as expected in web

ECR 3799: Translation issues in german version of CM

Fix "isEmpty" errors on PDA

Fix for tag contexts behavior in Web desktop

Fix for security descriptors usage with Windows 7

Fix for chart viewport memory leak

Added possibility to forward parameters to the new java chart module when called from the studio in order to support custom extension

Added new API to write to passive station's history file

Updated modules internal version

    It is recommended to unpack your application before applying this update, as ApplicationPacker.exe is impacted.

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