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tel:   +33 (0)4 72 47 98 98
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Standard Support:
Web: http://support.elutions-europe.com
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I. Deliverable
II. Requirement
III. Installation Instructions
IV. List of fixes in this Update

I. Deliverable

This update is delivered in a multi-languages EXE file with an html readme file.
It can be identified in the user interface of the setup by a SetupID value equal to 2507.

II. Requirement

ControlMaestro 2011 must be installed.

III. Installation Instructions

1) Close your ControlMaestro 2011 application

2) Launch the installer by double clicking on Update_CM_12_0_0_31.exe and follow the instructions

3) Restart your ControlMaestro 2011 application

Silent installation:
A silent installation without displaying wizard or the background can be performed using the option on the command line. This silent mode only displays the installation progress window.

Command line usage: Update_CM_12_0_0_31.exe /SILENT

IV. List of fixes in this Update

Sign jar files with new certificate V. List of fixes from previous updates

ECR 6516: Databox text color option

ECR 6505: Write backup history failed when there is a VfiBackup file

ECR 6504: SecurityException when using Java 7.51

ECR 6480: on web; direct trigger misses to show decimals digits from converted integer

ECR 6479: values under 1 on Y axis logarithmic not managed

ECR 6474: CM freezes in an application with many MultiState

ECR 6473: time direct trigger on web doesn't work

ECR 6472: Leak of memory when opening/closing chart

ECR 6468: history ODBC bcakup files re-injection process; after connection loss; is too long

ECR 6430: opening web trends very slow

ECR 6427: Alarmtext no longer displays floating point values for tags with (un)signed format

ECR 6416: Stationname Tooltip is wrong displayed

ECR 6381: Issue with sampling tags using FORCE_SAMPLING parameter

ECR 6376: Trigger on cluster is deleted when the cluster is rebuild

ECR 6361: very slow behaviour in desktop.html

ECR 6360: Invalid license message appears on errors.dat and event viewer with master/backup architecture

ECR 6349: $ASK query doesn't work in a cluster with fast action trigger (set tagvalue)

ECR 6338: Toolkit : wizpro.lib

ECR 6332: slow report generation CmREP

ECR 6320: Issues with Modbus TCP/IP driver and writing of single bits

ECR 6299: System Security doesn't work correctly in ControlMaestro 2011 PP 28

ECR 6295: dynamic text box are not refreshed after migration.

ECR 6279: the @ between quotes can't be used in langage

ECR 6278: image copy/paste of trigger object that contains action formula to fill a string content truncates copied formula to 11 characters

ECR 6277: netrwok tags in trends block CM when network station is down

ECR 6262: Macro are lost during a migration from CM2008 to CM2011 pp28 or CM2013 beta

ECR 6244: window "Alarm Definition: New alarm" opened after creation of a new alarm

ECR 6243: state property from tag with context has wrong animation through network

ECR 6241: Moving Active Directory server (User Management) causes application to not work anymore; because logins fail.

ECR 6238: Print title and date for event summary

ECR 6236: windows NTP synchro causes communication breaks between java and CM.

ECR 6231: In history mode; charts shows time and value in the future (using crosshair)

ECR 6214: using pattern in drawings is possible even if disable non-web features is active

ECR 6213: Alarm appears twice in the event summary

ECR 6212: There is no error message when nPO cannot read a GT file

ECR 6210: Ils are not correctly imported when using "IMG_USE_DIB_RENDERING=YES"

ECR 6198: Trigger are not working in web with some symbol

ECR 6196: Audit Trail : Information from Audit Trail are not displayed in web if "gotozone" action is unselected in the profil

ECR 6170: slider properties are lost during ils import

ECR 6168: Some dynamic objects are lost during a migration CM2008->CM2011

ECR 6167: macros on clusters are lost through migration from CM2008_30

ECR 6166: The function "User Comment" does not work for alarms in a Master/Backup installation

ECR 6158: System alarm after loosing to the centralized database is missing

ECR 6157: It's possible to connect with multiple web clients when having only 1 webclient activated in the dongle.

ECR 6156: nPO crash : On several installations we have a crash of CMCoreExtensions when Audit Trail is activated

ECR 6152: Buttons Minimize/Maximize disappearing in Chart when using XP

ECR 6108: nPO 4.2 SP1 : Error message "VfiCreateDatabase; failed to get mutex" in errors.dat at each nPo startup

ECR 6100: errors.dat advance trace mode polluted

ECR 6099: System alarm is needed after Dongle (licence) is missing

ECR 6091: nPO 4.2 SP1 : LDAP : only groups are selected when we check the "all" checkbox [IN:009745]

ECR 6088: User Management : Check password format does not work

ECR 6086: when editing a button's text the focus in not on the last window

ECR 6084: OPC AE alarm text limited to 64 characters

ECR 6083: Popup Buzz option "Buzz Acked alarms" not recorded

ECR 6081: Some application can't be opened with CM2011 update 26

ECR 6078: password of the SQL database cut after 6 characters

ECR 6076: the windows application bar is still working in CM2011 full security system

ECR 6073: MRP driver doesn't handle correctly reset tcp

ECR 6060: User management : biometric authentification doesn't work - crash when adding a fingerprint

ECR 6052: OPC server : RemoveGroup() fails with Advancis OPC client

ECR 6049: Focus not on Name but on Description when opening Tag filter

ECR 6048: nPO SQL user migration : users autorizations are lost

ECR 6047: Copy/paste when creating a new alarm doesn't work

ECR 6045: Multiselection with customActions in EventViewer impossible

ECR 6039: No way to restore chart (in studio) when the menu is deactivated

ECR 6038: Update from nPO 4.1.2 to nPO 4.2.0 : images can not be opened - Message : "Illegal File Format"

ECR 6034: Its not possible to use a multistate StateText in the CM language or eventsummery

ECR 6032: CMErrorPacker.exe is launched and a crashlog is generated when we define custom actions for Event summary and open/close one

ECR 6031: Crash when Audit Trail is activated and we try to uncheck the user property "Password never expires"

ECR 6028: AAM : Crash when starting application after adding sonera driver in AAM configuration

ECR 6026: Leak of memory when opening/closing chart

ECR 6023: web applications freezes when using animated gifs

ECR 6020: $ASK not working

ECR 6018: MACIF : impossible to reach more than 128 schedulers

ECR 6016: Number of handles used by CMCoreExtension.exe increases continuously

ECR 6014: Master/Backup : Some alarms are not synchronized with MBAS

ECR 6013: Webscheduler task can't be loaded script slowing IE

ECR 6011: In the german nPO 4.2 version; we have the string "Wichtung" instead of "Zone" in alarm actions

ECR 6009: Tag missing while the tag exist when there is a trigger with tag.description

ECR 6008: Number of handles used by CMCoreExtension.exe increases a lot

ECR 6005: Impossible to use special characters like "ä" or "ü" in reports

ECR 6003: Docs\history\xxxx\temp directory becomes huge when opening a chart in 'Real Time' mode

ECR 6000: If animated gif file is changed after inserting in image then crash will occur

ECR 5999: long alarm userfield content including utf8 characters are badly migrated from CM2010 et CM2011

ECR 5998: Tags frozen if plug is out and tag context used

ECR 5995: Application hangs when cancelling parent dialog box in image properties

ECR 5994: The administrator of the webscheduler cant set any special days

ECR 5992: Fast Action 'Set Tagvalue' not logged in Audit Trail

ECR 5991: crosshair behaves different in real time mode and non real time mode

ECR 5985: nPO crash when editing a text object with a tag/property value with more than 64 characters

ECR 5983: Bacnet : only acknowledge on alarm start is possible in an image when opening a project without opening an event summary before

ECR 5981: If you click on a textobject with the property "time"; CM set it automatically back to numbers

ECR 5977: Tooltips is not displayed correctly in web

ECR 5973: Recipes loading/saving on Web CM2011

ECR 5966: Filteredtrigger use position of screenresolution

ECR 5965: In CM 2011 PP24 it's not possible to copy the charts through the network application update.

ECR 5563: When exporting alarms in ALS then alignment is not correct anymore

ECR 5559: GLS file columns are not aligned anymore after export

ECR 5953: Some text are move to the right after an application upgrade

ECR 5951: Some images are not displayed when using the autologon in web

ECR 5950: When minimizing an image which was in full screen it is reloaded in small window

ECR 5949: A trigger object is not correctly exported in web

ECR 5946: Failed to get zones in alarm definition

ECR 5945: Crash in WizVFI on alarm event creation

ECR 5943: The description field in the user management is too small. Not all characters are shown.

ECR 5937: Crash when changing user password

ECR 5936: When logged into UserTime Tabel AAM we cannot log off

ECR 5933: Contexts are not sorted anymore

ECR 5931: Macro (in button) is missing after migration to CM2011

ECR 5930: Trigger Problem context does not change

ECR 5927: The action "Tag assignement" when coming from a view station is not displayed in a audit trail html report

ECR 5925: Hebrew is not correctly converted in 2011

ECR 5924: Can not open image with some clusters in web

ECR 5915: "S" in user field filter

ECR 5904: Severity of the event summary is changing (ex: from 100 to 50 000)

ECR 5902: ILS Import shows an error and cuts tooltips with quotation marks off

ECR 5901: After exporting an ils file and importing it again triggers will be lost and / or changed to another action

ECR 5897: nPO 4.2 SP1 : OPC Driver : nPO doesn't ask to restart the application when we add OPC Driver [IN:007251]

ECR 5896: nPO 4.2 SP1 : LDAP: this fonctionnality is not really usable [IN:008107]

ECR 5889: nPO 4.2 SP1 : Rebuild cluster: Doesn't run if the cluster in the general library [IN:006831]

ECR 5887: nPO 4.2 SP1 : User Restrictions : If you rename your station; the restriction tab of an user properties show also the old station name [IN:007261]

ECR 5886: nPO 4.2 SP1 : Charts : Adding new trends profil is no more possible but the button still present in shortcut bar [IN:007245]

ECR 5885: nPO 4.2 SP1 : Layout : Context menu in the list of loayout contain "Properties..." entry but it leads to nothing [IN:007222]

ECR 5884: When trying to open a Chart there is a login screen and you are not able to create / open a Chart

ECR 5883: nPO 4.2 SP1 : Help : help button doesn't work on new recipe model and new recipe [IN:007695]

ECR 5881: nPO 4.2 SP1 : AuditTrail Profil : Time format isn't change [IN:007179]

ECR 5880: nPO 4.2 SP1 : HTML Template : End time from the Historic Viewer correspond to the html file generated time and not to the selected end time [IN:007180]

ECR 5876: User Management : Lock Strategy doesn't work on web page when we use Login button from small java container [IN:007694]

ECR 5875: nPO 4.2 SP1 : HTML Template : On HTML generation; the template name is truncated to 16 characters in the selection list but not at the template creation [IN:007762]

ECR 5868: No error message when 2 stations with same name and ID on the same Network

ECR 5864: nPO 4.2 SP1 : UTF8 : When default user login fail; the loging interface isn't correct [IN:007255]

ECR 5861: User Manamgenet : Lock Strategy doesn't work on web page when we use Login button from small java container [IN:007694]

ECR 5860: HTML Template : On HTML generation; the template name is truncated to 16 characters in the selection list but not at the template creation [IN:007762]

ECR 5859: device or schedule not found or offline with direct url

ECR 5858: history written twice for the 18th hour in history viewer (csv) in web

ECR 5857: driver number filter limited to 32 in multiple tag tool

ECR 5856: tooltips does not work in web with CM2011 patch 21

ECR 5847: Problem when inserting one image with as text sys_hour in one image containing sys_second as text

ECR 5846: Crash after configuring an alarm object with a tag context and a name larger than 48 characters

ECR 5835: Event Summary : Columns properties are lost after appupgrade in event summary profiles

ECR 5833: we can't associate two vim to one img file

ECR 5822: Network Upgrade failed to update client

ECR 5817: Import from Active Directory doesn't show user group

ECR 5816: Force plc address does not work anymore with the last MRP driver (

ECR 5815: The administrator in the WebScheduler can't see the special days

ECR 5812: Crashlog when opening an event summary from 5 days back

ECR 5808: Copy a Formula trigger doesn't work well

ECR 5806: Change FAMILY column name in Event Summary by specific text

ECR 5803: UTF8 : Error message fail when user try to modify a tag value with single tag interface [IN:007445]

ECR 5799: Trigger small input box is too small for numeric expression in CM2011 patch 19

ECR 5790: Objects not working with CM 2011 HF19 and 20

ECR 5783: Event summaries with multiple filters

ECR 5781: After upgrade from CM2010 to CM2011, Custom actions are not available anymore

ECR 5774: Application upgrade does not succeed due to javaw.exe crash

ECR 5771: In CM 2012 PP19 the search and replace functions of the properties edit isn't working

ECR 5765: Test nPO 4.2 : UTF8 HTML Template : Approval type in UTF8 format for HTML Template aren't recognyzed [IN:007213]

ECR 5763: When adding blocks to the SBT driver without a connection to the PLC; the driver crashes

ECR 5761: In CM2011 PP19 if you open the usertimetable the web eventsummery popup opens

ECR 5760: Not possible to define a float-value as a start-value from a Float-Tag

ECR 5755: It is not possible to create small event summary windows without a horizontal scrollbar

ECR 5729: Ctrl+Alt+Suppr is not disable whereas the system security is Full on XP

ECR 5728: "On Application Language it is not possible to use "" after "":"""

ECR 5726: Stop and Start Real time button doesn't work

ECR 5725: Values of tags are not initialized with CMRetain value (Startup Value)

ECR 5690: On CM language can't use operator with SYS_TIME tag (or $time)

ECR 5689: When deleting a Tag that was used in CMLanguage then the statement of that Tag disappears

ECR 5683: Error message 'Cannot add a new element; the container is full' appears sometimes when opening chart

ECR 5682: Dialog box partly outside of Screen after maximizing Chart

ECR 5680: Not possible to add trigger when using a Tag property

ECR 5679: Missing macro in an image is only showing 'missing macro (trigger)' in the .mis file without the Macro name.

ECR 5677: CM 2010 PP31 crashs if you re-add a deleted user-alarmgroup in the list of recipients in the alarmsettings

ECR 5676: When opening Chart with a context then the correct context is shown in the Menu Bar but the first context is shown in the Chart

ECR 5675: Cluster : $ID function is limited to 15 characters while nPO object names can have 64

ECR 5674: Object with tooltip is showing wrong in web

ECR 5673: CM Language gives an error when using : in THEN field

ECR 5672: Previous-zone-trigger "<<<" dont work correctly in web in CM 2011 PP 19

ECR 5671: Goto Zone very slow

ECR 5669: Check possibility to disable command to set docs folder in IIS; or verify if correctly set; or launch the command as admin without starting UAC

ECR 5664: No warning when opening an application from an older version.

ECR 5663: When using Master/Backup with View stations then refresh of images is not correct

ECR 5660: PrintChart macro is not closing Charts

ECR 5659: When browsing with our OPC client or external ones; the VPI name is randomly shown as VPI number or VPI name

ECR 5658: loadimage c function rc return code never changes.

ECR 5656: Web : history mode is not displayed before switching 2 times between "on line" and "history" mode

ECR 5652: SOM driver issue : problem when defining a station address greater than "EB" (hexa)

ECR 5651: Web application does not show that the connection to the server was lost when the server loses network connection and http protocol is used

ECR 5650: Digitale certificate signature from Java seems to be expired

ECR 5647: Trigger 'Time' window does not have focus when opened

ECR 5646: Text tables not working in image

ECR 5643: Tag context tags not refreshed correctly when changing context

ECR 5642: When exporting and importing an .ils file with text tables then rows of 'W' will show

ECR 5641: Can't hide tool bar of a chart through authorization

ECR 5640: Not possible to view or add comments to Alarms when Master was down

ECR 5635: Hebrew text characters not shown completely

ECR 5633: Can't use Enter key and tab on webexplorer activeX

ECR 5631: It is not possible to use priority higher than 100 for system shutdown alarm

ECR 5626: Impossible to print an audit trail when using the "localhost" adress or a remote adress (not the entire path)

ECR 5624: Tag Function 'In monitor' not working correct

ECR 5623: Text animations with statetext don't work

ECR 5617: When using a cluster from nPO 4.0SP1 in nPO 4.1SP1, the alarm configuration of the cluster is lost

ECR 5613: The CMASPServer.exe is no more shutdown on nPo shutdown

ECR 5609: Tooltips not shown in objects with dynamic definition defined

ECR 5608: History deleted due to disk full settings cannot be older than 1 year

ECR 5606: Images from View station not updated when starting without Server being connected

ECR 5604: Alarm object specific behaviour required

ECR 5603: Blank image is opened if image doesn't exist (after goto zone in the event summary)

ECR 5602: There is no input method displayed in a cluster trigger

ECR 5599: Dynamics not working with local tags (P. Grand functionality for WHD) in cluster

ECR 5598: An image can be opened with a animation based on a tag value for the image name which is a string

ECR 5594: Can not to use ControlMaestro API (WizFindAlarmDefByPattern function) with a remote Control Maestro

ECR 5592: CM2011 does not support UTF8 in text tables

ECR 5590: Audit trail : In web image; "Tag assign" actions for Tag with name > 31 caracters are not recorded in the database

ECR 5585: EcosFlex: The rebuild instance doesn't take into account the size of the instance

ECR 5584: Can not open any chart : message "Loading..."

ECR 5583: Crash of CM2010 application when trying to open a chart

ECR 5582: Alarms not shown from day when daylight saving switched

ECR 5575: Parse on load not working correctly when opening images

ECR 5570: CMCoreExtension crash when connecting from web with many alarms pending in LRM.dat

ECR 5568: Chart always needs to be saved twice

ECR 5567: CMTrends not working correctly

ECR 5565: Tooltips not added for Text tables

ECR 5564: Save layouts during an application upgrade

ECR 5561: Real time mode of chart is not saved

ECR 5558: In objects, it is not possible to define same property name in different user defined types

ECR 5554: Tab order in Alarm definition is not correct

ECR 5552: AAM with 2 e-mail accounts uses wrong sender information

ECR 5547: Crash after using fast action to open a History Viewer

ECR 5544: EcosFlex: The Rebuild Instances request to enter aa new time the tags

ECR 5542: EcosFlex : When breaking a group master with 3 slaves in 2 groups; the second master doesn't display the good value

ECR 5533: Ip addresses type class B are not working in CM2011

ECR 5531: Chart options (time / graph) not opening anymore after saving chart and reopening it

ECR 5530: Multistate text is not shown, only numerical value

ECR 5527: Tag Filter : Tagname is replaced by the station name and it is no more possible to change or remove this tag name

ECR 5520: Crashlog Emation Switzerland

ECR 5517: In CM 2011 users with a umlaut in the name got no image displayed in layer in web

ECR 5515: Master; Backup and Viewstation doesn´t work as expected

ECR 5510: Slow report generation with VfiSQL

ECR 5509: Can't use space character on webexplorer activeX

ECR 5506: Different color after migration to CM2011

ECR 5502: Web Desktop freezes with actual max limit of lines to display in Web History Viewer

ECR 5500: Crash while using netsim.dat with nPO 4.1 SP1

ECR 5497: Saving images when doing a Network Application Upgrade

ECR 5494: can not choice any zones by the "loadimage" command

ECR 5493: string tags in SoftPLC only 80 Characters instead as configured in CM

ECR 5489: fast action trigger "SetTagValue" does not check the scale of a tag

ECR 5488: Toolbar disappears in event-summery by saving it

ECR 5487: False versionnumber by export of image ils-file

ECR 5486: When Server is not connected to View station then when seeing missing tag on a trigger and importing as ils the trigger is lost

ECR 5485: Memory from javaw.exe will increase after opening several charts until the application hangs

ECR 5484: Image in web-browser will not displayed after auto-login by default user

ECR 5483: Missing macros in image's triggers Button after migrating from Wizcon to CM2011

ECR 5473: OPCAE client not loading during start of CM

ECR 5471: Alarm__id Object handle for Alarm is difficult to use (handle can change with family)

ECR 5470: Rebuild instance can't manage cluster structure modification

ECR 5469: Communication error for ODBC History Logging is not sent by AAM

ECR 5467: Clusters containing the description of a tag does not work

ECR 5464: export import ascii files in utf8 produce ascii file with BOM.

ECR 5463: printchart macro prints trend while it is still loading points.

ECR 5459: Can´t acknowledge all alarms in event summary by using "acknowledge all alarms"

ECR 5455: userfield inteval filter in history event summary alarm report is not saved

ECR 5453: string trigger on texttable don't take user restriction in account

ECR 5449: The list of temporary daily programs is not displayed in the webscheduler interface

ECR 5440: Aggregated view not working when using VFISQL

ECR 5439: if network station is off; network tags mix with local tags in image

ECR 5438: Alarm help file cannot be opened in CM after upgrade from Wizcon

ECR 5437: No error message in image where tags are missing

ECR 5434: can't upgrade application with afm.xml error message

ECR 5432: CM2011 doesn't send out alarm to all users defined in alarm AAM definition

ECR 5431: Not possible to use ! in CMLanguage for Tags

ECR 5430: Wrong Tag value in image

ECR 5427: alarms text descriptions in chineese are not well reproduced

ECR 5426: Translation issues alarm module in German CM

ECR 5425: Translation issues chart module in German CM

ECR 5423: libfrance Elutions codesys library can't be used.

ECR 5421: Only the object which was paint at first time get the triggerfunction in a clusterobject (DYNAMIC / similar ECR 5275)

ECR 5419: Crash with SO driver

ECR 5417: Charts : With an error communication (*****); the value is 0 with aggregate trends

ECR 5415: WebScheduler : Defined weekdays are not displayed in the calendar with Bacnet devices

ECR 5414: Alarm Object Definition : It is impossible to validate an alarm family with caracteres "." ; ":" and "#"

ECR 5412: In web momentary trigger gets stuck

ECR 5410: report module text editor don't support UTF8

ECR 5402: Normal Tasks are not written to Scheduler.log anymore in CM2011

ECR 5398: recipe studio interface can't read recipe saved string tag values

ECR 5397: Webscheduler : Czech translation not included

ECR 5377: Webscheduler : some special characteres are not well displayed in popup

ECR 5374: Loading of charts with vfisql very slow (bad performance due to sql server native client not enabled)

ECR 5369: Web: Alarm List in History mode displaed only 99%

ECR 5367: Russian Studio : The last digit of Total Tags and Alarms is not visible if the number is more than 1000

ECR 5366: Webschuler : With the russian version; the title bar characters are replaced by rectangles

ECR 5365: Crash : drag and drop a cluster from one lib to another in an image

ECR 5363: ILS Image : Some russian characters are not importable with an ILS file

ECR 5362: Asynchronous Read/Write not working correct with our opc client

ECR 5361: Not possible to disable switch from Online to Historical mode in Event Summary in the web

ECR 5357: Multiple Tag list : Tag name is not correctly displayed when you open the Read/Write windows

ECR 5356: Multiple Tag List: The print function doesn't support the UTF8

ECR 5355: Studio: The log file doesn't support the UTF8 PDM name. It is encoded

ECR 5353: Application is frezee with Windows 7 when many images with tag templates are opened (more then 10)

ECR 5352: Web: The trigger doesn't support the Object properties popup in web

ECR 5350: The UTF8 Station Name is not displayed correctly in the Network Update

ECR 5348: Web: The logout from web is not done and generate one error

ECR 5346: Codesys: In the export tags table with remote nPo station; the driver named displayed is from local nPO

ECR 5345: Tooltips with tag context doesn't work in web

ECR 5344: Codesys: The export table for Codesys studio doesn't display the tag list

ECR 5343: Aggregate function will copy historical data as can be seen in the attached application

ECR 5341: Multiple TagList: the state text displayed in web is not consistent

ECR 5340: Audit Trail: The lock/unlock action is not displayed in the report if you choose only this option

ECR 5336: Web Explorer activeX cannot manage default url and tagname

ECR 5333: In charts; when you select a property and CM has not a network name; the format of property is ":SYS..." and so; it is not correct and recognized

ECR 5330: Hungarian version of nPO 4.1 SP1 : "Exit nPO" crash the webScheduler

ECR 5329: After upgrading from Wizcon 9.3 to CM2011; the MRP driver only connects to the first 19 stations with port 502

ECR 5325: Hungarian version of nPO 4.1 SP1 : Problem with special charaters(e;a;?;u;?;o;i;o;u;o;u;)

ECR 5324: CM application is freeze when open an image

ECR 5322: Accentuated characters are not shown correctly using trigger Direct and string tags

ECR 5321: No support for Hebrew in Zone names

ECR 5319: alarm family inteval filter in history event summary alarm report don't work

ECR 5313: When assist an alarm in event summary; it is impossible to scroll the displayed text

ECR 5312: Handle leak when using master/backup on SDEA application

ECR 5308: none of accent signs can't be set in string TAG using direct trigger in image

ECR 5306: The CMPLC-export tool doesn't display local Control Maestro tags. They are visible only when the local station name is selected.

ECR 5305: Changing the Date when locking a Tag in the web is not saved

ECR 5300: After upgrade; Event Summary does not always open

ECR 5296: Path of Docs directory as shown in apptune.dat/wiztune.dat not taken in account during upgrade

ECR 5294: FDA : The Lock system alarm is not completely translated in German

ECR 5291: Wrong system alarm using VFISQL and string tag

ECR 5287: Fast Action : LoadImage (in the same windows) doesn't work in web

ECR 5282: On specific application CM2011 station can't connect Wizcon 9.1 station only once

ECR 5281: Can't see network CM2008 tags on CM2011

ECR 5276: Hebrew characters are not shown in Web Event Summary when using Historical mode and Windows XP

ECR 5275: Only the object which was paint at first time get the triggerfunction in a clusterobject

ECR 5273: On specific application CM2011 station can't connect Wizcon 9.1 station only once

ECR 5268: After upgrading application to CM2011; "Tag and alarm data was modified" alarm appears every time on startup

ECR 5266: Disable control operations disables fast action triggers

ECR 5259: probleme avec caractères ° qui disparaissent dans l'image

ECR 5255: No colors in data box in charts

ECR 5252: Web : Some texts are staggered in web

ECR 5247: MRP Backup PLC doesn't work

ECR 5246: If a device is offline the MRP driver takes a very long time to initialize during startup of CM

ECR 5244: Cannot use lowercase characters in the quotes (" ") in app.language of CM2011

ECR 5242: Audit trail : Problem with the relative end time in the audit trail profil

ECR 5239: Multiple tag list content for Tag Lock Value different between studio and web

ECR 5231: clear context option is not working for loadimage trigger

ECR 5230: Image: Text object inserted could not be moved with nPo in German

ECR 5226: AAM : impossible to use the SMTP server authentification with nPO 4.1 in German

ECR 5221: Alarm Object Definition : It is impossible to validate an alarm family with characteres "+" and "="

ECR 5219: Generation of report is very long using rep line command

ECR 5215: fast action , loadImage doesn't work with java UPDT27 and more

ECR 5213: Macro direct login does not work with password containing a quote

ECR 5212: xml trend configuration file are not created after migration

ECR 5211: The button "Picture UP" in the TAG list of the WebScheduler (normal, not BACnet) brings the WebScheduler to a crash

ECR 5208: in trigger mode, object property popup appears by default on right clic on data trigger

ECR 5206: langage is wrongly migrated to CM2011

ECR 5205: "migrated tags to cm2011 are not seen in studio neither in application while it is in appdata.mdb

ECR 5204: migration from 2010 to 2011 of polish acute accent n character fails

ECR 5203: Java script function 'scriptGetPictureName' does not work

ECR 5199: writing digital tag using bits of word from MRP driver overwrites other word bits in CM2011

ECR 5198: Cluster migration : Wrong properties of clusters when upgrade since nPO3.1 to nPO4.0 or newer

ECR 5197: Wizcon 9.3 network tags can'y be added in CM2010 trend

ECR 5195: Impossible to acquit or visualize the state of an alarm on a distant station in web when the station name is in UTF8

ECR 5194: Chart : Cannot open a chart after a migration from nPO 4.0 SR1 to nPO 4.1 SR1

ECR 5193: Migration : crash during an appupgrade from nPO4.0SR1 to nPO4.1SR1

ECR 5192: Image : The search function for a tag doesn't work

ECR 5191: Event Viewer in Web : UTF8 name when acquitting an alarme in online mode is not supported

ECR 5190: disable control operation on html page disable zonenavigator actions

ECR 5189: disable control operations on web do not work

ECR 5188: migration of charts from 9.4 or CM2008 with more than 1 tag fails

ECR 5173: CM web session is not stored

ECR 5164: defining dynamic animation on object associating custom action deletes custom action.

ECR 5161: Problem with the hungarian translation of the webscheduler

ECR 5155: Texttable cannot be used twice (Tag name is not saved in the tbl)

ECR 5134: problem exporting trends in CSV file

ECR 5131 : When refreshing alarms with the OPC AE client it duplicates active alarms

ECR 5130: several historical value identical stratup lines with xx in history viewer at CM run when tag is saved cyclic.

ECR 5102: OPC client problems with Eurotherm OPC Server (String and Analog tags)

ECR 5036: we can't either sort event summary alarms folowing "force end" column nor "comments" column

ECR 5017: Sometimes on SO driver; records from plc are not recorded to ControlMaestro

ECR 5011: web server disconnect with huge amount of alarms

ECR 5008: ALGEN_REGARD_STATE apptune parameter affects inhibition alarm function

ECR 4989: When deleting a Tag which has an Alarm associated with it; there is no warning message

ECR 4924: Crash on SO driver

ECR 4903: WriteSync and WriteAck parameters in OPC client are not working together

ECR 4886: Tag limits have been not checked on tag definition / have been checked on charts

ECR 4875: some tags are not refresh with SO driver

ECR 4874: missing records on SOM driver

ECR 4862: Crash with SOM driver

ECR 4842: VPIWNOPC: Problem defining the first tag with some OPC servers

ECR 4839: one cannot adress driver SOM $TC cyclic time

ECR 4828: 3 crashlog client CUS

ECR 4638: Export of chart data is not correct in german version

ECR 4427: CM Application freezes when alt+shift to switch language

ECR 4238: On web image; transparent buttons have been displayed with white color

ECR 3318: english col-names in german Wizcon 9.1.6 web-eventsummary

ECR 2486: TagGenerator allows to replace a special character by another character. If there are different special characters it doesn't work

ECR 1717: Text Alarm Counter Tags

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